Thursday, January 12, 2012

The other 2012 "to do" list

I told you earlier about the projects I hope to get done in 2012. Well, now I'm going to tell you about the other things I'd like to achieve this year. So...

* Establish a routine in which I manage to do a bit of each of the things I want to each day (this includes a bit of Yoga and a daily meditation session).
* Finish collecting the courses I want to do from E-Mail College.
* At least make a start on doing the above mentioned courses.
* Start working on the writing projects I keep promising myself I'll do.
* Improve my skills with tarot reading.
* Learn to read runes.
* Improve my knowledge of herbal remedies.
* Get to a point where I can take Kero for a walk to the park by myself.
* Learn the routes to the seaside and town.
* Start checking off things from my "what I want to do before I turn 30" list.

Nothing spectacular or impressive, I'm afraid, but there you go.


AliceKay said...

On the contrary, I think there are several spectacular and impressive things in this list of yours..and I know you'll achieve them. *hugs*

Rita said...

I think there's so great things on this list, too! :):)

ChicagoLady said...

Impressive list. I think you'll enjoy working on each item and won't be satisfied until they are complete. Good luck!

Toriz said...

Thanks AK, Rita and Chicago!

Intense Guy said...

How do you decide if you did a particularly good tarot reading? Just curious.

You are doing pretty good with the walks to the park already! I hope you will be visiting the seaside pretty soon!

Toriz said...

That's a good question. I suppose it's in your confidence in knowing you read the cards the best way you can. In my case I would consider it a reading where I didn't have to check the meanings (I say meanings, because most have two meanings, so you often can't be sure which it is) of the card or cards.

Deanna said...

That is a very impressive list - and there is no doubt in my mind that as determined as you are, you will be scratching things off on it on a regular basis!

LadyStyx said...

A very nice goal list! What a shame that the college course doesn't have their US site up and running yet. Definitely is something I'd look into doing for myself.

Toriz said...

Tanks; hope you're right! :)

You can; Rita does!