Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weather and Willow

It's trying to snow.

It wasn't snowing when Kero and I went for our walk to the park, but just after we got back Kelly went to go out to run some errands, and announced that it was snowing.

I told him it didn't matter unless it stuck, but after he left Kero and I went out to see it anyway. LOL! I figured I'd rather see snow that doesn't stick than see none. I hope we get a decent snowfall this time.

I could have done with it not starting until tomorrow though. The thing is, my Mam and Willow are currently half way between Wales and here; they should arrive around 11:30am.

It's been trying to snow in Wales since Thursday, but it's not sticking because of the rain. It hasn't rained here in a few days though, so it might stick. If it looks to be sticking Mam will have to turrn around and go back home.

She's only staying until tomorrow though. She's just coming to bring Willow.

Willow will be staying with us since Mam isn't in a position to keep her. We asked our landlord if it was OK, and he seemed positively excited about the idea actually, LOL!


Intense Guy said...

I hope the waether behaves - if only snow fell in places other than the roads... Smiles.


Autumn said...

Willow! Love that name and may use it someday. So, who is willow? Dog or cat?

Rita said...

I can't remember now, either, who Willow is? I might have heard. Don't remember. I hope the roads are good and the trip goes well. Wouldn't you know it! When you don't really want it to snow, then it snows. Figures, eh?

ChicagoLady said...

Rita, Willow is her mam's Black Lab.

Tori, how come your mam can't keep her?

Queenie Jeannie said...

*fingers crossed* for your weather!

I wonder how Kero will like the new addition???

Toriz said...

Yes, that would be perfect; snow for me, and clear roads for people who need to drive. :)

Dog; Black Labrador to be exact.

As Chicago pointed out; she's my Mam's Black Lab. I have mentioned her a few times... She turned 7 in November.

Anyway, yeah, when we don't want snow it snows. Luckily it didn't really stick, so although it snowed a fair bit there's not really anything to show for it. Hopefully it will come back now?

She herself isn't able to care for her any more.

Kero and Willow have seen each other a lot growing up, and they geton well. He might have a few jealousy issues when he figures out she's here to stay (he does like being the only furbaby) but they're usually fine together. Right now both are fast asleep.

Rita said...

I'm wondering how that is going to work? How do Kero and Willow get along? Have you walked Willow before? Have you walked them together? I hope Willow doesn't pine to much for you mom! What a huge shift! Can hardly wait to hear more about it and if Willow made it over. :)

AliceKay said...

I hope everything is working out for the best. I'll read the post above this one before I leave for work to see if you've mentioned your Mam's trip and the snow.

I've often wished what Iggy said...if only it would stay off the roads when it snowed. Just think how many traffic accidents and deaths would be avoided if it could.

Toriz said...

Kero and Willow get on really well as a rule. There's the odd bit of "that's mine" type of bickering - like you'd get from siblings - but that's about it. And, yes, I've walked Willow before, and they walk together well.

Yep, it would be great if it would work like that with the snow!

LadyStyx said...

You're right. Snow that doesn't stick and is less than an inch or more doesn't truly count. It's simply a heavy frost.

*HUGZ* to momma because I know how much this must be hurting her to have to rehome Willow. Even if it's in her daughter's home.