Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Midweek medley (FD)

While my Mam was here I helped her grab photos of Harrison and Emma off her phone and get them posted on her blog. So if you want to see them, go on over and take a look.


Mam wanted to go in to Hastings while she was visiting, so we left Kelly and Kero to see to Willow (who is a 7 year old Black Labrador; for the bemifit of those who don't know or don't remember) and Mam and I went in on the train, leaving her car outside here, since we figured it would be easier than trying to find a parking space in Hastings. We went around a couple of shops, went in a cafe to have a drink and bite to eat, then headed home. We got a taxi home though.

Then Mam - who was tired from her drive down and trip in to Hastings - took a nap. Kelly and I were both going to take the dogs out, but he offered to do both, and I wasn't going to argue. So, Kelly walked first one and then the other of the dogs and I spent some time with whichever dog he wasn't walking at the time, while texting Iggy. Who, by the way, is - if you don't know - an absolutely wonderful friend, who I feel very lucky and greatful to know!

At some point in the evening - I don't know when, and don't suppose it matters... I know it was a while after dinner though - Mam and I took the dogs out. Willow has already managed to figure out roughly which way it is to the park, LOL!


It snowed the whole time we were in Hastings, but none of it settled anywhere, really. Everyone except for me was pleased about that. I mean, I'm pleased in a way because it snowed a fair bit but we didn't end up with the issues snow usually brings (bad driving conditions, etc) but on the other hand... Well, I wanted enough snow to play in it! Maybe it will snow more soon? *Looks hopeful*


This morning Mam stayed with the dogs so Kelly and I could go and get ourselves registered with the dentist and doctor. Yeah, I know... Finally!

We have "new patient appointments" for the doctor next week (Kelly on the 6th, me on the 8th) and for the dentist later in the month (me on the 16th, Kelly on the 20th).

I told the dentist about my broken tooth, but the 16th was the soonest they could see me because, "all new patient appointments are required to be 45 minut appointments, and that is the first available 45 minut slot there is." Still, I've waited this long to get it sorted, so what's another couple of weeks, right?


Now Mam's gone, Willow's fast asleep on the sofa, and Kero's fast asleep on the back of the armchair, which I'm currently sitting in (and I think it's me being sat in the chair that's the reason he's on the back and not actually in it). So, while both of them are happy and asleep, I think I'll go see what's new on the blogs.


Intense Guy said...

Sounds like a busy day you had!

And Willow sounds like she's settled in pretty well. And so smart too! She knows her way to the Park and will be dragging folks there soon enough!


AliceKay said...

Busy day for everyone concerned. I'm glad your mam was able to stay for the visit. Sounds like you crammed a lot in there for one day. :)

I'm glad you were able to set up your "new patient" appointments.

It sounds like Kero and Willow will be happy together. Sorry to hear your mam isn't able to take care of Willow anymore. I bet she's pretty sad about that. :(

I'll check out her blog later today when I have more time.

I hope it snows and snows and your place, not mine. LOL

Hope you're having a good day today. I'm off to work now. *hugs*

Rita said...

So glad your mom made it and that you and she had some time together. Sounds like Willow is adjusting quickly--and even figuring out where the park is already. You're going to have to bring two poop bags with you on walks now, eh? LOL! I'm so glad that Kero and Willow get along. Hope your mom had a safe trip home. Life will be interesting with two dogs!! :):)

Deanna said...

I'll bet you really enjoyed having you mom visit and being able to spend some time with her shopping!

It is amazing how animals, dogs in particular, have a sense of things that takes us humans time to figure out.

I'm glads you got registered with the Dr. and Dentist and will be getting the chipped tooth fixed soon. Hopefully it isn't bothering you too much!

Toriz said...

*Nods* Yes, she seems to be settling in nicely.

Yep, we got a lot done; tired me out!

I hope it snows here more too! :)

It's OK; poop pick-up is Kelly's job! ;)

*Nods* I wish I was as smart as most animals are!

It's not bothering me that much; it's a little painful and quite uncomfortable, but not enough that it's making me suffer, really.