Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quarter past eight on Saturday evening

It's Saturday evening, and we're almost half way through February... How did that happen?

My sleep pattern is back to being all over the place again, so I'm sleeping in snatches and feeling like I'm not getting anything done again. Funny thing is, I'm getting about as much done as I was while I was sleeping at night (though more writing and less crafts). I know I say this every time this happens (lately anyway) but... I wonder why it is I always feel like I've achieved more if I sleep at night and am up in the day? I wonder if maybe the fact it's a couple of hours of activity here, a couple there that's the issue this time? *Shrugs*


I now have all the lessons for the course on greeting card writing (which I can't be bothered to grab the link for; I posted the link in the post I did on the subject of courses just a couple of days ago though, so if you want to take a look then you can scroll down and the link will be right there for you). Hopefully the courses will continue to come; a couple should be finishing tomorrow, I think.


Sorry I haven't been on the blogs properly over the past couple of days. I've come and read posts, but I haven't commented because I couldn't be bothered with signing in. My laptop's been very tempremental and having to keep signing in was getting annoying. I'll come by and comment again soon though... Really!

This will do for tonight, since - due to laptop restarts - this has taken me ages to write.


Rita said...

Sorry you're having laptop troubles!! Glad you are getting your classes sorted, though. See you when you're able. No worries. :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

*bad laptop, bad laptop* I hope your machine behaves herself this upcoming days.

I need to be like you and claim my sleeping pattern back. My schedule is a mess!

AliceKay said...

It's a bugger when things don't work the way they should. I hope your laptop settles down and behaves for you. I hope the courses continue to come in for you, too.


Toriz said...

Thanks all!

So far so good with the courses!

Intense Guy said...

That laptop!!

It keeps "limping along" doesn't it? I hope it lasts a wee bit longer for you.


Toriz said...


*Nods* Yep, it keeps limping along. I could really do with it continuing to do so; funds for a new one just aren't available right now!

LadyStyx said...

Can't seem to get set on my schedule either. Finally on the nights but now I feel like I have less time to do the stuff I want.