Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow and ice at the park last week

When we had the first lot of snow this month I thought it was all gone by Tuesday morning, but when we took the dogs out I discovered I was wrong; though most of the snow was gone there was still some around. I told Kelly that if I'd known then I'd have brought the camera with us to get photos. Why is it you never have the camera when you need it? Anyway, it was the same out there the following day, so I grabbed the camera and persuaded Kelly to get this photo for me while we were walking in the park:

I was holding both dogs while he got the photo, so he took this photo too:

Anyway, this will do for today. Stay safe and warm (or cool, as the case may be).


Celticspirit said...

That is a really neat looking park. I bet it will be lovely in the springtime. Is it hard to walk two dogs at the same time?

Toriz said...

In general, not really. But for me with my cane, yes. The thing is, if you have both hands free then each hand can be controlling each dog, but since I need to have a hand for my cane it means trying to control both dogs with one hand (and my left one at that, which isn't as strong as my right). It wouldn't be so bad if Willow was a smaller breed. When we had the two Yorkie pups before I managed all three by myself, but I didn't have to use my cane in familiar areas back then, and they were a lot smaller (even fully grown I know for a fact Jayde and Lucy are only about Kero's size). I only had hold of both dogs at this point because we agreed it would be easier for me to hold both than for Kelly to attempt to hold Willow still while taking the photo I asked him to take for me.

AliceKay said...

Yep, that looks like snow alright. We had rain, sleet, and rain mixed with snow flakes on and off yesterday. There isn't any snow down here in our yard, but the mountains around me have quite a bit. It snowed up there when we had the rain and sleet.

Thanks for taking your camera with you to the park and thanks to Kelly for snapping the pic. :)

Rita said...

Looks like it is mostly melted, though. What a great park!

We're having 30s to low 40s for a few days so our snow is fast melting, too. We didn't have much to begin with and it was crusted over with ice.

Have a great weekend! :)

Toriz said...

You're welcome; bet you aren't complaining that we had more snow about than you, eh? ;)

Yeah, it was almost melted. But I was rather impressed that it lasted so long; I really thought it was all gone by Tuesday morning, and there we were in the park with some snow still about on the Wednesday! It was just about melted when the snow of the following Sunday came, but that snowfall really did go quickly (it was gone by the time we went to bed last Sunday night). Still, we "technically" had a week of snow. So I guess I can't complain. :)

You have a good weekend - well, what's left of it - too!

Intense Guy said...

That park still looks pretty frosty.

:) Maybe sometime you will be able to make a snow dog.

Toriz said...

Not this year by the look of it. Maybe next year?