Friday, March 30, 2012

Blogger's update

OK, so I'm updated. I can write posts, and I've even figured out their new way of adding labels and scheduling posts. Now if I can just figure out how you're supposed to add photos with this thing... There's a message that says something about some things not working with my browser (which I can't update, because Jaws can't cope with the updates, and I'm still not in a position to buy the new Jaws). I hope photo adding isn't one of those things that wont work, because I have photos I want to post.


Deanna said...

I'm not updated and am not looking forward to it. No idea how much longer I have. I suspect the updates are why I was getting error messages every time I tried to comment this morning.

I'm so sorry about the photos issue. That just sucks!

AliceKay said...

I wish Blogger (and Facebook and Yahoo IM) would just leave things alone. Sorry to hear about your photos and browser problem, Tori. I know updating your Jaws would be pretty expensive. :(

Rita said...

I went back to the old version, but I kow I will have to switch over pretty soon. It's almost April and they will switch everyone sometime in April. *sigh* I hope you can post photos!

Intense Guy said...

I might not be blogging for a while - I need time to figure out the changes and I've other things to do.

Toriz said...

Thanks; good luck when you update. Hopefully you can figure it out quickly!

That makes two of us wishing they'd leave things alone. I still think that if they worked out the kinks properly to start with then we wouldn't need all these stupid updates!

The photo button wont show up at all on my laptop (Kelly looked). Good thing I have access to Kelly's computer, isn't it?

Hopefully it wont take you long to figure out the new layout when they force you to switch.

I completely understand!