Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I have no idea what to call this post (FD)

It's another beautiful day; sunny and warm, but with a slight breeze that stops it from feeling hot. It's been lovely like this all weekend!

When I was walking Kero on Friday, I thought what a shame it was I didn't have a way to wash the laundry at home and take advantage of the beautiful drying weather. Thing is, we don't have a washing machine, and quite frankly, I don't know how we'd get one in the gap they've left for one without breaking the cupboards under the sink, and can see how they broke them taking the machine out. So we've been using the laundry place that's a couple of streets away whenever we've needed stuff washed.

Anyway, Saturday morning I said to myself, "they managed to do laundry fine without machines in the past, so I can now." And I washed a load of stuff by hand. I stripped the beds, put fresh bedding on them, and washed the bedding that was on them (including the extra blankets that are now put away since the warmer weather is here). Then I started on the towels. I even made it to starting on actual clothing, though I haven't managed to get much of that done; the blankets take up so much space on our small line that I could only do a couple at a time, then it was taking ages for each one to dry. Anyway, I'm taking a break today, because I need one, but tomorrow I'll get the rest of the clothes washed. And if it's too wet to put them on the line, then I'll stick them on the airer in front of the heater (that was part of why I did the bedding first; socks and t-shirts and things fit on the airer much easier than blankets and sheets, and more of them fit on there too).

My wrist held up pretty well; I expected it to be seriously painful, but apart from the odd twinge I've not really felt anything. Guess I did well with my energy work! :)

But, by yesterday evening I was exhausted. Thankfully I had one of my rare very good sleeps; I slept 12 hours! OK, so I woke up about a gazillion times during the night. But none of them was for longer than 5 minutes. Man did I need that sleep!

Anyway, other than things like dishes, and all those other boring day to day things that nobody likes doing but almost everyone needs to do, I haven't really done much other than working on some knitting while listening to audiobooks or watching movies. Reviews for the books and movies will come soon. Oh, and I made some more cookies.


Intense Guy said...

More cookies!! YAY!!!!

(couldn't sneak that past me!)

:) Hey, just don't go too far in time - like when they didn't wash hardly at all...

Furry Bottoms said...

Busy lady!! :)

Celticspirit said...

When I go to MA we are not going to have a washer/dryer in the apartment either. I have a feeling I will be washing some of my things by hand and I have done it here too at Kayla's house because the washer is broken. You are right.....people did it before and we can do it now.

Toriz said...

LOL! I wasn't trying to get that past you... You coming for cookies?

Don't worry, I don't plan on going back that far in time; I like feeling clean! ;)



Rita said...

I can remember my mom using a wringer washing machine in the basement. When I was young and a very poor waitress I had to wash a lot of my clothes by hand because I couldn't afford to use the washer and dryer sometimes. I had to hang them all over the bathroom. I had to iron that uniform, too. Something I do not miss from the "old days"--LOL!

I bet your blankets and sheets smell so good! I can remember sheets and towels from the line when I was a kid, too. As long as your wrist holds up--just don't overdo it and go for it. :):)

Toriz said...

Good thing is, because we only have a small line really, and I don't want to over-fill it and use the airer in case I need to bring the stuff in to dry, I can't do too much at once. That probably helps my wrist; the fact I have to do it in small-ish batches.

That corgi :) said...

You were busy, Tori, to do all that laundry that you did without a machine and hanging them outside to dry! I like hanging our wearing clothes outside when the weather gets a bit warmer. I've been spoiled for the most part have always had a washing machine at home. I know when son lived on his own for a year, he was going to the laundermat to do his clothes. He said one of the things about moving back home that he enjoyed was the washer and the dryer and the hose to wash his car in the driveway :)

I bet those cookies were delicious!


Toriz said...

We haven't had a dryer for a couple of years, and I don't miss it. I always hated my clothes going in the dryer, and hated how you couldn't breathe near the machine (or I felt like I couldn't). Plus, it bugged me how people would use them even on beautiful days. So when the door flew off ours (seriously; it was running, and the door - which had been hanging on to one hinge for dear life - flew across the room) I refused to replace it. Kelly asked what I planned to do for drying clothes when they couldn't go on the line then, so I brought an airer for indoors. That's part of why I decided that I would indeed do the washing at home when possible; he keeps putting the stuff in the dryer at the laundry place! Thing is, most os my clothes are pure cotton or wool, and those materials can often shrink in the dryer (in fact, I think some of my stuff have, though thankfully not enough that I can't wear them still).

AliceKay said...

That sounds like a lot of work, Tori. I'm glad it didn't bother your wrist too much. Also glad you got some much needed sleep.

I haven't hung clothes outside on a regular basis in a long time. With two neighbors who have outside furnaces that pollute the air around me, and with a cow barn close by, the air isn't all that fresh around here anymore. Plus, when we put the new septic tank in the back yard, we had to remove one of the clothesline posts. Terri was supposed to get it back in but he hasn't yet.

Hope you're having a good Wednesday. I'm heading to work now. *hugs*

Toriz said...

That's a good list of reasons not to hang stuff up outside. :)