Thursday, March 01, 2012

Saint David's Day scribbles

Happy St David's Day!

My dentist appointment was rescheduled; my dentist is sick. So I have to go on March 15th at 12:15pm instaed. Part of me is pleased, since it means more time for the cuts on the inside of my mouth from Tuesday's appointment to heal (that's what's causing all the pain; the inside of my mouth is cut up pretty bad). But part of me is disappointed, since I'd hoped to get it over with quickly. Nevver mind, better to reschedule than to have the dentist attempt to sort my teeth between coughing fits.

Anyway, Willow has a vet appointment on March 8th (so, a week today). She has ear issues (she's had ear issues on and off since she was a puppy), so I'm hoping to get her some antibiotics or something for that. Plus, she started biting at her front paws quite a lot, which - naturally - has made them sore, so I'm also hoping to get her some anticeptic cream or something to put on the sores. Anyway, Kero will be coming to the appointment too, but he doesn't need anything done. I'm sure he'll be relieved to find he's going to the vet purely because we can't leave him home alone, and I want to go to Willow's appointment too (I like to be at the furkids' appointments).

I do have some other things I could post about, but for now I'll just tell you that the old batch of courses are finished, so I've signed up for more again. This batch contains:

Radio Drama Scripts
Radio Drama Writing
Reading A Novel
Reading For Life
Reading Habit
Relaxation Techniques
Script Writing
Self Publishing Comic Books
Self Publishing Scams
Self Publishing Your Book
Short Story Basics
Short Story Writing
Showcasing A Play
Song Writing Basics
Start Your Own Book Club
Successful Auditioning
Sword & Sorcery
Synopsis Writing


Intense Guy said...

Happy St. Davids day to you!

Hopefully the vet will cure Willow's ear issues altogether. The biting paws thing might just be her way of saying, "I've just moved and I don't know why or if this is a good thing, and I miss my person!"

Toriz said...

I hope so (about the ears) and you could be right (about the paw biting).

AliceKay said...

I know what you mean about rescheduling your appointment. It's a good news/bad news kinda thing.

I hope Willow's vet appointment goes well. Kero will be happy it's not him being tended to. :)

Looks like you'll be keeping busy with lots of interesting courses. Enjoy!

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement about the dentist and vet*

I intend to enjoy myself! :)

Rita said...

Sounds like you mouth does need a chance to heal. And also sounds like Willow is wondering why she hasn't gone back home (paw biting). Poor thing. I hope you can get something for her ears and paws.

Yes, I think Kero will be relieved that he's just on a ride along visit to the vet to keep Willow company. ;)

Rest up. I hope your mouth heals quickly. :)

Toriz said...

I hope so too; it seems to be improving anyway. :)