Friday, March 09, 2012

Willow's World: the vet

Hi humans, this is Willow. The humans took us on a big walkies on Tuesday. Kero and I thought it was fun, but we also thought it was strange that they just went to a certain point then turned around and went home. Humans are strange creatures! Anyway then we went on the same walkies yesterday. Only this time we went in to a building that was about half an hour away along all the very busy roads. Kero started getting upset and pulling to get back out of there. I couldn't figure out why so I just laid down by the Kelly human's feet, getting up from time to time to see what was wrong with Kero or try and see people who came in; I also tried to eat a cat or two... Just for fun! After ages and ages we got up and went down a hallway. Part way down it a strange male human that I soon realized was a vet made me climb on to something called a "scale" for some reason that I couldn't figure out (it was fun though). Then we went in to a room where he pulled me about, poked at me, and talked lots and lots to the humans while Kero hid behind the Tori human trembling with fright. Then Kero and I had to sttand around getting bored while the humans sorted out someone called "Bill" (who I never did get to meet). And after that we walked home, stopping to sniff things like trees and people on the way. We were all tired and thirsty when we got back as it was a warm day! I have some wet stuff called "drops" to go in my ears twice a day for a week, and something called "cream" - which does not taste as good as the cream that comes in the squirty tins - for the sore patch on my leg to be put on me twice a day for a week too. I hope a week isn't long because I don't like either thing being done! I also have to have something called "cod liver oil capsules" every day. The vet human said I may have the beginnings of arthritis in my hips so told the humans to take me swimming "as often as possible" so I get to go to that big water I saw at least most days! I weighed 47 kilos, which means I lost 2 kilos since coming to live here if the humans remember my last weigh-in from my old vet properly. The vet is hoping I can lose an average of at least 1 kilo per month until I get down to the 30 kilos I should be for my size (or at least within a couple of kilos of it). I have to go back and get weighed once a month to make sure I'm on track with it (which I'm not too happy about as I was pleased to get out of there once I realized why Kero was so upset!) I also now have a microchip so that if I get lost the humans can get me back. Just thought you'd like to know. Lots of licks, Willow

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