Thursday, April 12, 2012

SD&B - Part 3: The Pineapple Loving Dragon (FD)

Luke loved to climb the mountains. When his parents were alive they had warned him not to; told him the dragons would swoop down and grab him, take him back to their caves and barbeque him for their dinner. But now his parents were dead, so he climbed the rocks all the time. He often wished for someone to take care of him though. His ragged clothes no longer kept him warm when the wind was cold, he was always hungry, and sometimes he was very lonely.

One day in Winter, when the snow was deep, and the rocks were slippery with ice, Luke was climbing them as usual when he slipped. He was sure he'd fall and break his neck, but something huge swooped down and grabbed him in its enormous scaly claw. As the thing carried him over the mountains, he heard the beating of its leathery wings, and knew it must be a dragon. But he didn't scream, he was much too frightened to scream, he just whimpered and tried not to imagine how it would be getting eaten by a dragon.

The dragon flew in to a cave, still holding him tightly with one huge claw. Then it gently put him down beside a fire a little way in from the cave's entrance, flew a little further in to the cave, and settled itself on a pile of straw where Luke could see it clearly.

"It's going to burn me alive," Luke thought, trembling with fright.

"I'm not going to eat you," the dragon said, as if reading Luke's mind.

"You're not?" Luke asked, the shock making him forget his fear.

The dragon shook her head. "Not me," she said.

"But dragons eat people," Luke said.

"Most do," agreed the dragon. "They eat cows, sheep, and other such things too. Not me though."

"What do you eat?" Luke asked, curious.

"Sometimes vegetables, but fruit mostly," she replied. "I'm especially fond of pineapples."

Luke's stomach growled loudly.

"Are you hungry?" asked the dragon.

Luke nodded, and the dragon went to a box at the back of the cave, pulling from it the most enormous pineapple Luke had ever seen. Then she used her sharp claws to cut a piece out of the pineapple for him, eating the rest of it in one enormous bite.

Luke knew he shouldn't really take food from strangers; especially when the stranger was a dragon. But he was so hungry he didn't care, so he gobbled up the pineapple, trying not to hurt himself on the pineapple's prickly skin. He moved a little closer to the fire as he ate, enjoying the warmth and food. "Don't the prickles hurt your mouth?" he asked after a while.

"With a mouth like mine I don't even notice them," said the dragon.

"You're lucky," said Luke, sucking the finger he had just pricked.

The dragon laughed, a deep rumbling laugh that echoed around the cave. When she stopped laughing, she gave Luke a serious look. "So, what were you doing out in the snow by yourself? Your parents will be worried."

"My parents are dead," Luke replied, and he began to cry.

The dragon moved closer to him, placing one huge claw gently on his shoulder. "Don't cry," she said. "You can stay here with me."

"I'd like that very much," said Luke.

So, Luke stayed with the dragon, where he was never cold or lonely again. The dragon also made sure he had plenty of food to eat. You may not be surprised to learn that, just like the dragon, Luke became especially fond of pineapples.


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Magaly Guerrero said...

You keep on bringing all kinds of smiles to my face and bursting through stereotypes. A pineapple eating dragon, yum! I particularly love that she didn't try to tell Luke that all dragons were fruit eaters, she just described herself, letting Luke know that one can only judge a person by his or her action, not by the group they belong to. Precious!

Toriz said...

I have the biggest smile on my face right now; not only am I pleased you enjoyed the story so much, but I'm also very pleased you noticed the message in the story. After all, stories for children need a message in there somewhere; the parents expect it!

Intense Guy said...

Such a creative story!!

I showed my mom this one - she was a pre-kindergarden school teacher and director for many years, and she thinks this story is excellent!!

We were talking about dragons and what gender we usually thought they were and she said, "Well, I would have thought they were guys."

My ever-so-practical dad refused to even discuss dragons saying they are "make-believe". My brother, equally set in cement, said, "If dragons were life-forms, roughly half of them would be of each sex... just like all animals..."

That led to us pondering about Ants... and bees. Queen Bees are females, worker bees are ALL females but generally sterile... drones are males (but fatherless since they come from unfertilized eggs)... but the ratio is still about 50-50...

Your your story got a lot of discussion going! :)

Toriz said...

Glad you and your Mom enjoyed the story. And that's good that it got a discussion going; though genders in various species isn't the kind of discussion I thought might have begun. LOL!

As for dragons being make believe; how can your Dad be so sure? Perhaps they're just extinct... Like dinosaurs? Or perhaps they're in hiding? There's no way to know for sure.

That corgi :) said...

Again another great story for a kid's book; I can see a series of books, short stores like this in a book that teaches kids not to judge or have preconceived notions about each other!


Sunshineshelle said...

A total delight, a beautiful relationship & another stereotype turned on it's head - sweet & touching - thank you makes me feel warm inside :)

Gina said...

I never could understand why there aren't more herbivorous dragon's in the movies, and Pineapples make complete sense :D XXX

Toriz said...

Thanks! And, I'd love that! :)

Thank you; glad you enjoyed it so much! :)

Thanks; glad you think so! :)

AliceKay said...

Very nice story. :)

Mina said...

This is an absolutely lovely tale. I smiled all the way through it and could honestly see it as a child's book. Hugs, Mina

Anonymous said...

*sniff* Got something in my eye, I guess....

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Thanks so much! :)

Thanks for stopping by! *Hands you a tissue*