Thursday, May 03, 2012

A is for Anouncement

A is also for alphabet, and I have decided to do the alphabet thing people were doing on their blogs last month. I know, trust me to do it at a different time to others; I never have been good with doing things other people's way, LOL! ;)

But, as I said in the title, "A is for Anouncement" and I have one to make.

Here's another A; anniversary. There are 2 anniversaries happening this month. The first is my bloggy anniversary, and the second is my wedding anniversary. My wedding anniversary isn't until the 22nd, but my bloggy anniversary is today. And, in honour of both these anniversaries, I'm running a giveaway through this month... That's the announcement.

The giveaway starts today, and you have until midnight my time on May 31st to enter (see "time in England" on the sidebar if you aren't familiar with GMT).

So, I suppose you want to know what you could win? And, for that matter, how to enter?

The prize is an Amazon gift voucher. $15 for anyone outside of the UK, £10 for those in the UK (that's as near as I can get to it being to the same value based on current conversion rates).

And how do you enter?

Go to and buy the book of poetry I published recently (if you haven't already) and tell me your favourite poem; quoting a line or 2 from it, and why you like it so much. Just do that in the comments section of this post (which I will keep a link to on the sidebar of my blog in case you don't enter until later in the month, and will link to in posts from time to time throughout the month too).

That's it; that's all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the gift voucher... Just buy my book, pick your favourite poem, and tell me your favourite line(s) and why you like the poem so much.

I had hoped by now to have other options for where you can buy the book, but that hasn't been sorted yet, and I wanted to start running the giveaway today. And, anyway, it's free and simple to join Smashwords, so it's not like it will cost you anything more than a few extra moments of your time.


You can also earn an extra entry by posting about my book or this giveaway someplace (your blog, Facebook, or whatever) and leaving me a link in the comments section of this post; 1 entry per place you post.

Like I said, the giveaway ends at midnight GMT on May 31st. Again; see the clock on the sidebar if you're not sure on GMT.

I will pick the winner by assigning numbers to people based on the order they posted and how many entries they have, then use GMA Dice (an audio dice programme I have where you can roll a dice with up to 100 sides). I'll input whatever number the total entries comes to, then roll the dice... The winner will be the person who ended up with that number. For example, if you were the 4th person to post, and each of the people before you had 2 entries (1 for buying the book, and another because they posted about it somewhere) and you earned 2 entries yourself, then you will be both numbers 7 and 8. So if the dice lands on either of those numbers, the voucher is yours.

The winner will be announced on June 2nd.

Note: In case you missed my post about it last week; the $1.99 price gives you unlimited downloads of all available formats. So you can read the book on your computer, on your kindle or nook, on your ipod or iphone (if you have the ap for it), or even by printing out a pdf or text file and reading it that way.


That corgi :) said...

Cool that you are doing the A/Z challenge Tori!! Neat too with anniversaries! Happy blog anniversary!! Neat giveaway too!


Intense Guy said...

Happy Anniversary Tori's blog and to Tori and Kelly!!

My favorite poem is the title poem, Mr. Punkin-Head. My favortite line is the last one, but that would spoil the twist, so I'll go with:

"All day he'd sit in the pumpin patch
Wishing he could do something good
'If only,' he said to himself one night
'Pumpkins could be more than just food.'"


AliceKay said...

Happy Blogger Anniversary! (will hold on the wedding anniversary wishes later in the month) ;)

Nice idea for the giveaway. I'll have to read some more of your poems before entering. (I shared your Facebook post about your book on my Facebook...does that count for an extra entry?)

I haven't had much time for reading lately. I have a lot of real-life stuff going on right now so I've been trying to fit things in when I can. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Thanks; going to enter?

Good choice! :)

Excellent! This is part of why I'm running the giveaway all month; to give people plenty of time to grab the book and read it if they want to enter. And, yes, that does count for an extra entry. :)

Willow said...

Congrats on the blog anniversary and an eary happy anniversary for you and hubby.

I just bought your book and my favorite poem is Where To Today.

I like to meditate and often go to different places and this poem reminds me of them.

My favorite line is the third one. I often think of running the green grass of Ireland in my dreams.

Wonderful book.

Deanna said...

Great that you are doing the A to Z challenge. And what a great give-a-way! I'll be joining in, that's for sure!

Have granddaughter today... not much time for anything else!

Toriz said...

Thanks; and thanks for joining in with the giveaway too! Good poem choice; I'm quite fond of that one myself! :)

No problem; you've got a couple of weeks to enter, so plenty of time. :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I haven't finished the entire book, but you probably already know which poem is one of my favorite (I'm kind of a predictable Witch lol).

I was tickled and enchanted by "The Storyteller's Magic." The title made me stop, and when I read "Dancing monster/play him a song" I wanted to dance too ;-)

Toriz said...

Good choice; that was a fun one to write, and was written just after my first time hearing a storyteller. As you can tell, the experience was a magical one for me. ;)

Call Me Cate said...

Congrats again on publishing! And on the blogiversary and wedding anniversary - sounds like you are making May into an awesome month for you!

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

AliceKay said...

I was finally able to read a few more poems today. I really liked "River".

"Ever changing...ever flowing...Ever planting seeds of knowledge..."

It's like life...ever changing.


Toriz said...

Good choice! :)

Toriz said...

This giveaway is now closed!