Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fairy Day 2012

"Fairy Day is an annual holiday where those souls who love all things fairy can celebrate our interest in this mythical and magical genre. It is also a time to celebrate nature and our environment, and just shamelessly BE a fairy!

June 24th, close to the northern hemispheres Midsummers Eve, is a magical time of year long celebrated for its link to the fairy world."

Some Ideas for Celebrating the Magic on Fairy Day!

•Have a banquet lunch outdoors with friends and family in a beautiful natural setting!
•Plant some fairy favourites in your garden- St Johns wort, Blue Bells,Clover and Foxglove are all loved by fairies!
•Light a small bonfire, or candle at night (remember fire safety first!)
•Stay out late on Midsummers Eve! Look for Will-o-wisps, Midsummers is the best time to see them. Be careful not to chase them though, they are not always friendly.
•Pick a bouquet of 9 flowers and put it under your pillow at night to dream of love and magic.
•Look for fairy rings and oak trees.
•Create a candle boat! Build a small paper boat and fill it with flowers, then light a small candle in it and set it adrift (again, remember fire safety first!).
•Make yourself a daisy chain necklace!
•Dress in all your fairy finery and sprinkle fairy dust where ever you go!

~Above taken from

Tomorrow is Fairy day, so a happy Fairy day from me and Kero!


Deanna said...

Such fun ideas! I wish I had read this back when our kids were little and we were homeschooling them.

Happy Fairy Day!

Rita said...

Never knew there was such a thing a Fairy Day. Enjoy! What are you going to do? :)

AliceKay said...

I hope you and Kero have a happy fairy day tomorrow. :)

That corgi :) said...

I didn't realize there was a fairy day, but it is interesting because one of the towns around here today had a fairy festival. I didn't go but someone I knew went and said it was a delightful day :)

may you have a great fairy day Tori!


Toriz said...

You could always do the things yourself; you don't need kids to have fun! ;)

I only learned it was actually a seporate day to the Summer Solstice a couple of years ago; I'd thought it was just another name for the Solstice what with it happening around the same time. I like the idea of a special fairy honouring day though! As for what I was doing... Due to medical issues I missed out on celebrating... I'm planning to do a post tomorrow that will explain what I mean.

Thanks; hope you had a happy fairy day too! :)

You so should have gone. Maybe next year?

Deanna said...

Good point. I just might have to do that next year. :)

Toriz said...

Absolutely! :)