Friday, June 15, 2012

Kero's Korner: birthday goodies from Great-Grandma (kinda FD)

Hi humans, it's Kero again!

My Great-Grandma (Jayde's human) sent me a birthday card:

There was a whole £5 in it! Mami says to tell you that's about $7.50; give or take a few pennies!

The humans used half of it to buy me a new bandanna.

On one side it's got skulls and crossbones:

On the other side it's blue and spotty:

And they spent the other half on a squeaky burger toy:

I had a great time playing "fetch the burger" with Mami!

Licks and sniffs,


Deanna said...

Where did you find the bandana? We need a new one for our sweet Shiloh and since we're pirates, that would be perfect.

Happy birthday, Kero!

Toriz said...

A local pet shop. I'll send the hubby next week to see if they have more if you want? I'd need your address to send it though... Also, I'll need to know if Shiloh is a big dog or a small one? They don't cost much; only £2.50 (a little under $4) so I don't mind...

Rita said...

Great gifts, Kero. What a nice birthday. :)

AliceKay said...

Great gifts, indeed! I bet playing "fetch the burger" with Mami was lots of fun, too. :)

That corgi :) said...

How neat to be remembered like this on your birthday Kero by others; cool gifts you were able to get with that money too!


Anonymous said...

Aww bless you Kero, I should introduce you to Jojo, Jojo is a little all black scruffy cutie, I am sure you would be friends
hugs June x

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thank you!

Thank you, and yes; it was great fun!

Thank you, and yes it was great that Great-Grandma sent me something!

I always like to make new friends, so I'm sure we will!

Licks and sniffs,

Deanna said...

I received the bandana and Shiloh is now sporting it proudly. Thank you so much! I just posted about it, including a picture of him wearing it:

Intense Guy said...

That's a might BIG hamburger!!!