Friday, July 27, 2012

Willow's World: photos and weight

Hi humans, this is Willow. OK, so there I was, laying on the sofa taking a nap and minding my own business, when the humans started taking photos of me. How rude! But since they took them I thought I might as well show them to you, so here they are.
Oh and I went to the vet on Wednesday to get weighed again. I don't know why the humans are so interested in what I weigh but there you go. Anyway I still weigh 45.5 kilos, which means I neither lost nor gained anything.  That's a good thing right? I mean, the humans say I need the weight off, but with the Tori human not being well walkies have been shorter since the Kelly human has had to take first one of us then the other, so with the fact I haven't been having the exercise I should, staying the same is good, right? Lots of licks, Willow

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