Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Frank The Friendly Ogre... 100% Free!

Frank The Friendly Ogre

Genre: Children's Books/Fairy Tales And Fables

"Frank knew he didn’t belong in the swamp. He’s never been like the other ogres. He’s clean and polite, and they... Well, they’re not. So, one day, Frank set off in to the world to find somewhere he could belong. This is the story of that time in Frank’s life; join him as he searches for a place where an ogre like him can belong. After all, there has to be somewhere in the world where he can belong, doesn’t there?"

This book is available in all formats Smashwords offers, and is 100% free... No catch, no hidden costs, just a free book for your enjoyment! If you want to, then you can grab a copy of it at Smashwords by going to


Deanna said...

It's not often you can get anything free! Sounds interesting.

Hope you are doing good. Hugs

AliceKay said...

I got it today, Tori. Nice story. :)

I think I've read it before. *winks*

The Coexist Cafe said...

LOVE this, can't wait to read it! I'll also feature this and the other stuff from your email in this coming Perk-Up. (Sorry for missing the last two weeks' worth of pimpin' you out! <3)

Hope you're doing well! :D

Intense Guy said...

I downloaded and devoured it (sounds like a bad pun when commenting on Ogres...)


Susan said...

Did you stop following my blog?
Please email me.

Parsley said...

Missing your posts. Hope you are okay.

Toriz said...

Nope, it's not often you can get things for free, but this is one of those rare times... A little gift for loyal readers! :)

Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I did wonder if you would recognize it. ;)

No problem, I'm just appreciating any publicity you help with! :)

LOL! Well, as long as you did the devouring there's no problem! ;)

No, I didn't stop following your blog, I just stopped blogging in general. I haven't been to any blogs lately. Well, apart from one belonging to a friend who's trying to get pregnant, but that's more because I get the posts via e-mail than anything.

I'm fine, but thanks for being concerned! *Hugs*