Friday, May 03, 2013

7th bloggerversary

Today is the 7th anniversary of when I started blogging.

My blog has been private now for several months. I wonder how many of my followers are missing my posts?

Sometimes I wonder about making my blog public again, but I haven't done so because I feel like having my blog available for everyone to read then means I have to be able to follow the blogs of those who are reading mine, which then means I spend more time online than I want to. When that happens my time with Kero and Kelly suffers, and I don't get the things I need to do each day done (including household chores).

I do miss knowing what others thing of what I have to say though.

Mind you, most of my followers never bothered to comment anyway.

And most of those I thought were friends wouldn't even answer my e-mails when I stopped blogging.

Ah well, at least some people still keep in touch.


Happy 7th birthday to my blog!


Intense Guy said...

I've missed it - I know some others have too.

Toriz said...

Nice to know I was missed...

I don't mind if you tell others my blog is public again now, by the way.