Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Moon 2013

Tonight is the "Super Moon" apparently.

Going to get Kelly to take a photo or two of it. Assuming it's not too cloudy to see it, since it's been stormy recently and I'm not sure if the clouds have thinned yet.

Wish I could see the Super Moon like everyone else is able to... They're all excited about it, and I feel like I'm missing something important!



Intense Guy said...

I recall all the hype over this - but not the actual moon. I don't know if I missed seeing it - or if it was just not that big a deal..

I wish you could see the moon again -

Toriz said...

Thanks Iggy!

The moon was only a big deal to people who spend a lot of time looking at it. I used to love looking up at the moon (especially when it was full) so to me it felt like a big deal.

Intense Guy said...

I too, enjoy seeing a glowing moon - it is a spiritual thing. I only meant that the super moon wasn't much different from "regular" full moon (on the basis that I can't remember it!)

Toriz said...

Ah, I see... Fair enough!