Thursday, May 22, 2014

11th anniversary outing (FD)

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary, and tomorrow is Kero's 10th birthday, so we decided to have an outing today to celebrate both.

We took Kero to the pet store to pick his own birthday gifts. He ended up with a blue stuffed elephant and a selection of treats, including one called a "salami" (it's not like a regular salami; it's a sort of soft rawhide covered in meat juice or something). The salami is the one he picked himself, and he wanted it right away when we got home. He's already eaten it, LOL!

Then we went to lunch at a local cafe I really like. It's a vegetarian friendly cafe, and also allows dogs in, which means Kero can come with us when we go there. I had a vegetarian cooked breakfast with some Victorian lemonade, then an organic banana milkshake to take away (they don't usually do milkshakes to go, but I asked if they'd put one in the cups they have for hot drinks to go, and they said they would). Kelly had a burger and coke.

There was a storm last night, so I'd been worried about the weather, but it was nice all morning. The rain came back this afternoon, but we were home by the time it came back so I don't mind.

We took a cab from home to town, then took another from town to the cafe, but we walked home from the cafe... Since it was a nice day and only 4 blocks away.

Kero was an absolute angel the whole time. We were all ready for a nap when we got home though... Even Kelly, LOL!


Intense Guy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

May you and Kelly enjoy many, may more!

And goodness... Kero is now officially an old fart! Happy Birthday Kero!!!! Ear and belly rubs until you bark "uncle!"

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks Iggy!

Kelly and Kero say thanks too, though you got a huff from Kero about the "old fart" comment, LOL!

Rita said...

A belated happy anniversary! That restaurant has always sounded like such a nice place to eat. Glad everyone had a good time and you missed the rain. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Rita!

Yeah, it's a really nice place to eat, especially for vegetarians and vegans!