Sunday, June 01, 2014

Random ramblings - June 1st 2014 (FD)

I asked this on Facebook yesterday, but thought I'd ask it on here too...

If your sleep schedule has you sleeping in the day, do you call the meal when you get up breakfast or dinner?

Some people on Facebook say it depends what you're eating, some say it depends what others you're eating with call it, others say it's breakfast either way, because it's after you break your fast for sleep. Kim Harrison, in her 'Hollows' series of books, uses that last one, referring to the meal between noon and roughly 2:00pm as lunch for humans and breakfast for inderlanders (witches, werewolves, living vampires, etc) because humans get up in the morning, but inderlanders have a sleep schedule where they get up usually between noon and 2:00pm (unless they're undead vampires, in which case they don't usually get up until sunset). Kim Harrison used this rule even when the lunch and breakfast in question was burger and fries from McDonalds.

But, what do you think?


Kero's scratching got really bad again, so we spoke to the vet. He's on pills again; the same ones he had last time. He started taking them yesterday, and has already calmed down a bit on the scratching.


The degus and gerbils have noticed each other properly now and are trying to make friends through the bars. Jacob actually keeps trying to jump out of the degu cage when we have the top open to feed them or whatever. Well, I say "trying" but he's managed it at least twice, and was grabbed while standing on top of the gerbil cage, right beside the door on the top of the cage, squeaking to be let in. He wasn't too happy when he was picked up and returned to the degu cage, LOL!


I'm done writing 'Jinx And The Faerie Dragons' and am currently working on editing. The plan is to publish it in a month, which gives me plenty of time to do the editing and get it set up to publish. It should also have plenty of time to get listed on Barnes And Noble for those people who usually grab it via that site.


The weather is beautiful today. It hasn't been every day this week, but it is today. It's nice and sunny and warm, but without being hot. Plus, there's a nice breeze coming up from the sea.


Hope you're enjoying your weekend, however you've been spending it.


Rita said...

I am not used to eating breakfast. Not usually hungry for a few hours after I get up and I guess I consider breakfast to be eaten soon after someone wakes up. Lunch and dinner are close enough foodwise that it doesn't matter which I call them. Plus I have been known to have omelets or oatmeal for lunch or dinner, anyways. So I guess it doesn't matter in my case. It's just a "meal" and I eat when I am hungry--no matter what time it is. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm the same in that I just eat when I'm hungry. I also have what I fancy when I get hungry. If this means I'm cooking a vegetable stew or making pasta or something at 1:00am, or means I'm having some toast or cereal or something about 6:00pm - just to pull a few random possibilities out of the air - then that's what happens. I was just curious as to what people would say in response to the question.

Intense Guy said...

To me, it is what is on the menu that makes it Breakfast - cereal, eggs, pancakes, all breakfast!!

I hope Kero has stopped scratching by now!!!

Victoria Zigler said...

Fair enough about the breakfast thing.

Kero's not scratching much now, but the pills are all gone (he had the last yesterday).