Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - April 6th 2015 (FD)

Things to know - some interesting, some just for fun!


Today is Easter Monday... Happy Easter!

Did the Easter Bunny pay you a visit? Did he leave you any chocolate eggs? Or other kinds of chocolate? If he did, try not to eat all that chocolate at once; I know it's tasty, but it's not worth the tummy ache!

Since we focus our celebrations around the Equinox, the Easter Bunny comes early to us. I got three chocolate eggs, and two of them came with gifts:

Also, we got these cards recently:

The Easter one is from Nan, Dad, and Dad's girlfriend, Cath. The new home one is from Grandma.

We did actually get two new home cards, but I don't remember if we got a photo of the one we got from Rita? I don't think we did... I don't remember for sure though. But, anyway, what really matters is that we got the card, and are grateful for it; Rita sent us our first "happy mail" in our new home!

So, thank you, Easter Bunny, Rita, Grandma, Nan, Dad, and Cath!


I held a Barn Owl on Thursday.

Yes... As I said on Facebook... "A real, live, flapping her wings as she adjusted her position, giving me affectionate nips with her beak, Barn owl!"

The people with the owls - I think the same ones who had Big bird the European Eagle Owl back in September, but I didn't think to ask - were at the market when we went there while we were in town on Thursday.

The woman asked if I wanted to pet Maisy the Barn Owl, which I did, and we were about to leave (after giving them a small donation for their collection bucket) when the man asked if I'd like to hold her.

I just said "can I?" but my tone was enough to tell him that was a "hell, yeah!" So, he grabbed Maisy off the woman, to give her to me.

I was so eager to hold her, I actually handed my cane over to Kelly without prompting to free up both my hands; usually I don't let go of that stick when we're out (at least, not without plenty of reasurances as to where it will be, and the fact that location won't be far from me). But I needed my hands free, and was more interested at that moment in the fact I was going to be holding an owl, than in the fact that cane is the only thing stopping me having to completely rely on others to get about when I'm out in the big wide world.

Anyway, the man put the glove on my hand, and Maisy got herself arranged comfortably, gave me a few more nips, and promptly went to sleep, so I guess she wasn't disturbed by me holding her, LOL!

Of course, we didn't have our camera with us that day! We usually have it, but for some reason didn't... It's always the time you really want/need it that you'd don't have it, isn't it? *Sigh*

The man did take a photo for me with his phone, which he's supposed to e-mail to me, but I haven't gotten it yet. Hopefully it's just that he got busy with Easter and all that, in which case maybe he'll send it this week? Anyway, I'll post it when - or if - he sends it.


While running errands in town, we spotted this cup:

Kelly says the photo makes it look blue, but it's actually purple.

I used to have some red ones like it, but no longer have them for some reason. It's not a thermal cup or anything (though drinks do take longer to get to room temperature in it) but it having the lid means it's useful for reducing the chances of mess from potential spillages; something that's always a possibility with me around.

Plus, it's purple!


We're going to London on Thursday.

Mainly we're going there to meet up with Barb again, but we also have other plans.

I'll tell you about London next week though.


Now that the scaffolding is gone, and no longer blocking any of the view, here are a couple of better photos of the ocean view we can see from our living room:


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Intense Guy said...

You got the nicest set of cards and gifts! And I love the view out your window!! I want to live there!!

Your experience with the Barn Owl is so neat!!! I bet lots of folks would want to do that too (me included!) Did the Barn Owl leave you a letter or package? (Hopefully not one of those screaming or steaming ones)!

Victoria Zigler said...

Well, you're welcome to at least come visit if you want.

Nope. The owl didn't bring me any mail. I'm really glad I didn't get a howler - especially since several people were crowded around watching me hold the owl - but some other kind of owl post would have been cool.

Rita said...

That was so cool to hold the owl! Isn't that always the way. No camera. Either I don't have one with me or I forget to take pictures.

I was lucky to be your first happy mail. I can tell you guys really love the new place. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes, you were, and yes, we do!

Yep... That's always the way! Well, we'll be making sure we have the camera with us when we go to London on Thursday, that's for sure!

Jeanie said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend. I like the cup a lot -- looked purple to me! And oh, the owl! How glorious. You know, when I was photographing that owl in Massachusetts, I just wanted to be able to touch him! Of course, I didn't even open the door to go out for fear he'd fly away, but his feathers looked so soft and he was so majestic. What an amazing experience you had!

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you were able to see the cup's true colour!

It's a shame you couldn't pet the owl. But, you're right... It would most likely have flown off if you even opened the door, let alone tried to get close enough to do so. If you'd like to know though... Yes... Owl feathers are as soft as they look; softer than the softest cotton balls!