Friday, July 31, 2015

Furkid Friday - July 31st 2015 (kinda FD)

Hi humans, rats, and other rodent types.

This is Star the rat.

A strange human with lots of head fur, who the humans called Carl, came to see our humans a few days ago, and we got to come out of our cage to say "hi" to him. I loved it, but my ratty sister, Skye, was a bit scared of him; she's always a bit scared of anything new, or anything that differs from her normal routine.

Here's a picture of the Carl human holding me:

Skye had a cuddle with him too, but she was nervous, as I mentioned, so wouldn't stay still long enough for a photo to be taken. I think the Carl human was a bit disappointed, because he'd been hoping for some of the kisses Skye gives to people she likes. She gave lots to the Mummy human, and later to the Daddy human, but she was too scared of the Carl human to be affectionate. He seemed to enjoy cuddling me though, and I loved the attention; it's not often we get cuddles from the visiting humans.

My degu brothers got up to see what all the fuss was about. Here's Jacob trying to see what's going on:

But, when the Daddy human went to get one of the boys for the Carl human to cuddle, Jacob wouldn't come out to see him. Joshua was happy to go and meet him though, so the Carl human got to cuddle him for a bit. Here's a photo of them:

Even the other female human - my degu brothers tell me the Kero dog who they used to know said she was called "Mamgu" or something like that - came quite close to us this time; she wouldn't go anywhere near us last time she came for a visit. She wouldn't pet us, and when I turned to look at her while sat on the Mummy human's shoulder she got scared and backed away. But the Mummy human and the Carl human seemed impressed she'd even got that close. She also went over to the cages of my degu brothers and my gerbil brothers, and talked to them a bit. The Mamgu human then came close again to bring the box over for the Carl human to give me and skye some Cheerios. Both times she was so close I could have easily jumped from the Mummy human's shoulder to hers. But I'm pretty sure she'd have made more fuss if I did that than Jasper makes when a storm is coming... Which, if you know my degu brother, Jasper, you'll know is a lot; you should have heard the fuss he made when we had the big storm last Friday night... It's no wonder the humans didn't sleep much that night!

That's all for today.

Squeak soon,


Intense Guy said...

Excellent photos!!

Goodness, the Dagu looks bigger than the rat. I never realized they were quite so big.

Victoria Zigler said...

Actually, they're about the same size, but Joshua stretched out a bit more than Star while being held.