Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - August 17th 2015

I set up a treasure hunt challenge on the Children's Books group over on Goodreads. An idea I got from the treasure hunt challenge that was done on another Goodreads group, though I allowed a longer duration for the challenge to be completed, had four less items on the list, and insisted that all the books were children's books.

Anyway, the rules were as follows:

1. The book must be a children's book, though any age range is fine (from 0 to 12 years).

2. A book can only count for one item on the list. So, if the book would work for more than one item, you have to decide which to use it for, and find another book for the other item(s) from the list.

3. You can join the challenge any time after the start date and before the finnish date. So, any time between July 1st 2015 and December 31st 2015.

4. The book must be one you read between July 1st 2015 and December 31st 2015.

5. The book doesn’t count if you didn’t finnish it for any reason; only completed books count.

6. If you're an author, you cannot use your own books for this challenge. Books by any author other than yourself are fine.

These were the challenge levels:

1-4 books: Curious Kitten
5-8 books: Eager Beaver
9-12 books: Enthusiastic Puppy
13-16 books: Cunning Fox

And this was the list:

*Pawprint: Read a book where the main character is an animal.
*Leaf: Read a book about nature, or where the main character spends a lot of time outside.
*Flower: Read a book with fairies or pixies in it.
*Rainbow: Read a book containing mythological creatures (such as dragons, or leprechauns, or unicorns).
*Fang: Read a scary book, or read a book containing monsters or zombies.
*Pencil: Read a book of children's poetry, or a rhyming story.
*Calculator: Read a non-fiction book, or a book where the story takes place at school.
*Wheelchair: Read a book where the main character has some kind of disability.
*Cloud: Read a book about dreams, or about using your imagination.
*Star: Read a book about space.
*Sun: Read a book where the main character goes on vacation.
*Train: Read a book with a train in it.
*Bottle: Read a book with a baby in it.
*Cake: Read a book where the main character celebrates their birthday.
*Pumpkin: Read a book about Halloween.
*Snowflake: Read a book about Christmas.

Even though I set the challenge, I joined in too, and - me being me - I finnished ages before the challenge deadline. So, here's what I read for each one:

*Pawprint: The Blackbird That Couldn't Sing by Rosemary J. Peel
*Leaf: The Competition by Rosemary J. Peel
*Flower: The Special Fairy by Jackie Small
*Rainbow: Treasure Hunt (Lady Jenniviere's Quill, #5) by Lady Jenniviere
*Fang: Uh-oh... We turned our brother into a Zombie? by K.B. Miller
*Pencil: Fluff Gang Tales by Rosemary J. Peel
*Calculator: Bongo Goes To School by Lucas Hosby
*Wheelchair: Flat Cats by Rosemary J. Peel
*Cloud: The Slow Tortoise by Jackie Small
*Star: Cosmic Camel by Emma Laybourn
*Sun: Never Ending Bad Day (Lady Jenniviere's Quill, #4) by Lady Jenniviere
*Train: The Forgotten Toy Soldier by Liz Armond
*Bottle: And What Do You Want For Christmas? by Rosemary J. Peel
*Cake: Time Line by Rosemary J. Peel
*Pumpkin: The Invasion of the Pumpkin People by Steven Tuttle
*Snowflake: Santa's Silliness Syndrome by Jackie Small

There's still plenty of time for anyone working on the challenge to get it done, or for anyone who didn't know about it and is interested in joining in to do so.


I've done really well with book giveaways lately.

I entered three in the last few months, and won all three of them.

I know I mentioned winning the first, but don't remember if I mentioned the second, and know I didn't mention the third.

The first was the one where I won an eBook copy of one of the books in Kate Wrath's "E" series. The second was for an audio download of "The Moon Dwellers" by David Estes. The third was for an eBook copy of "Another Earth" by Madeline Reynolds.

Like I said, I entered and won all three.

Well, there were other winners too; all of them had at least a handful of winners. But I was one of the winners.


We had a lot of rain last week, and a couple of impressive thunder storms too.

It rained almost constantly for three days.

During all this rain, we discovered that there's a small leak in the roof, so the landlord is arranging for someone to deal with that. It's not much of one at the moment, so hopefully they'll get it sorted before it becomes more of an issue.

We were out during the storm on Thursday, and got soaked, even though we were inside buildings or cars most of the time we were out. Just getting from the shopping center to one of the taxis at the taxi stand outside it was enough to get us soaked.


I don't really have anything more exciting to say, so I guess I'll let this do for today.


Intense Guy said...

You have some interesting titles in that list.. like Pawprint: The Blackbird That Couldn't Sing by Rosemary J. Peel

I hope he learned how to sing!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes, he learned in the end.

Jeanie said...

Sounds like a lot of work and a lot of fun, Tori! That's a lot of books to find! But what a totally terrific idea!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, it's a lot of books to find, but that's why I gave so long for the challenge to get done; I thought having loads of time would help. Also, the different challenge levels allow you to be able to feel you achieved something, even if you don't have time to find books for all the items on the list.