Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - August 24th 2015

Our weather has been crazy this past week. Actually, this past month, if I'm honest.

It can't decide whether to be hot or cool, and has been alternating between beautiful clear weather, and impressive storms.

Luckily, we now have a fan for the bedroom too, so at least we've had that to help on the really hot days.

The leaky roof isn't fixed yet though, but it's a very small leak, so not causing any real problem at the moment.


When we moved here at the end of February, we left our fridge freezer behind, because there was a fridge with an ice box in it already here, as well as a seporate freezer; both bigger than the little fridge freezer we had.

They were left here by the previous tenants, and since they aren't officially part of the property, it's our responsibility to replace them if anything happens to them. In fact, it was up to us whether we bothered to keep them or not in the first place.

Unfortunately for us, the fridge is no longer working properly.

So, we have a new fridge freezer coming on Wednesday.

We went with a new fridge freezer, even though we have that other freezer, because the fridge no longer working properly has made us wonder how long the freezer will last, and it's cheaper to get a new fridge freezer now, than to get a new fridge now, then need a new freezer in a few months time.

Plus, the freezer not working any more would be a bigger problem than the fridge not working, as I'm sure you can imagine.


I've finnished one of the blankets I was knitting, as well as a couple of cushion covers I decided to knit.

I haven't started the other blanket, because I don't have the wool for it yet. I'm hoping to get it at the end of this week, so I should be able to start the other blanket on the weekend.

I know who the blankets are going to, but I'm not sure what to do with the cushion covers yet. I might keep them, but I might not.

Anyway, I haven't got photos of the ones I've finnished yet. I'll have Kelly sort them when I can.


I'm so far enjoying my roleplaying sessions with Dad, Carl, and Gareth.

My character hasn't died yet, though she does have a badly injured arm, and a cold. Yes, characters in roleplaying games can have things like that happen to them. It's as part of the consequences GMs often add in to the game when you get bad dice rolls... Partially to make it more realistic, and partially for their own amusement.

I mean, you have to admit it is kind of funny when there's a scary monster running loose, but what causes you problems is catching a cold while out in the snow for too long looking for clues. Or, perhaps, it's just me who finds that thought amusing?

My character is in better shape than one of Gareth's characters though... One of his characters is slowly going insane.

Yes, I did say "one of" his characters. Dad and Gareth are both running two characters. Personally I think one is enough, but they decided to do two each, since we're such a small roleplaying group.

Carl, as you might have guessed from the fact the rest of us have characters, is the GM (games master). At least , he is for the Cthulhu game we're playing... Carl won't be the GM every time though.

Hmmm... Should I be concerned that I didn't need to look up the spelling of the word Cthulhu?


Jeanie said...

I'm envious of your knitting! It's harder than it used to be for me with arthritis in my thumb but I really should start something.

And I know what you mean about the weather. Ours is a little tricky here these days. I'm not ready to let go of summer! Hopefully it is just taking a break!

Victoria Zigler said...

I mostly only get a lot of knitting done because I tend to do it while my Kindle reads books out to me, so that I have something to do with my hands. I like to have my hands busy, and doing something like knitting is a good way to achieve that, while also having something to show for it. If I'm not knitting while listening, I'm usually fiddling with something else, like silly putty, or some kind of brain teaser puzzle. Either that, or I'm doing housework while listening to stories.

Hope you get some more nice weather before it's too late in the year for it.

Intense Guy said...

Sounds like Santa needs to bring you some more wool (and a fridge-freezer even if it is too early!)

Victoria Zigler said...


Actually, the new fridge-freezer was delivered yesterday. It's too early for Santa to start his deliveries though, so I had to make do with having it delivered on a truck rather than a sleigh... No reindeer either, unfortunately!