Monday, August 15, 2016

#Author: Thomai Dion

My name is Thomai Dion and I am a pharmacist, artist, author, and most importantly, a mom. My little guy is an energetic and inquisitive analytical thinker bubbling over with questions around the clock. He is also the driving force behind my educational children’s science books that are geared towards our youngest readers. I actually recall the exact moment the idea for my books all started (and being a relatively new author, it admittedly wasn’t all that long ago!).

I was playfully pretending with my toddler on our living room floor, surrounded by colorful wooden blocks and various makes and models of miniature cars. I am always thinking ahead about what topics we could explore next so naturally I began brainstorming. Thinking back on my own experiences in labs testing and recording while obtaining my doctorate, I had my "Ah ha!" moment: I would research where to find a microscope appropriate for my child's age. Before pursuing a new subject of learning though, I have a rule of thumb where we always read and talk about the topic first before diving any deeper together. Since you can use a microscope to look at things like the cells in your body, I began to look for books on cells that were geared for young children. And I looked. And looked… After much time and many product pages, the only applicable search result I was able to come across was the decision to create my own. It was then that my first book, "Think-A-Lot-Tots: The Animal Cell", was written, illustrated, edited, and self-published by the artistic, science-loving, right-brain and left-brain mom (AKA, me!). I now have 2 books out there for all to explore with 2 more coming down the pipeline. I am very excited about these as they should become available within the next several weeks!

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Inspired by being a mother, leveraging my clinical background, and being driven to both teach and learn at every opportunity, I have created my own educational children's science books that focus on various topics, the first of which I have engagingly tackled being biology. These books cover seemingly complicated scientific concepts that are typically thought of as being taught to "older kids" in school; however, they are purposefully geared towards babies, toddlers, and young children. I am both author and illustrator (and editor too if we want to count that as well!), and take great pride in my work.

With every title, I aim to make these as engaging as educational as possible!

My first book, “Think-A-Lot-Tots: The Animal Cell”, strives to introduce your baby, toddler, or young child to science and biology by starting with one of life's smallest building blocks: The animal cell. Curious kids, budding scientists, and future doctors, nurses, and medical professionals will be sure to enjoy all of the cell's different parts as they explore them one by one. This colorful and educational picture book will help build your child's vocabulary and kickstart early learning.

You can find this book and a preview of its pages on Amazon here (and if you do decide to check out my book, any and all feedback is hugely appreciated! It is important for me to know what my readers think and if they are enjoying my books. A review would be so helpful to receive, even if only a few words!):

My fast-following second book, “Think-A-Lot-Tots: The Neuron”, not only introduces the reader to a cell found in your body but also goes a step further by answering “What does it do and how?”. How does our body move? How do we smile, wave hello, or stomp in puddles? It is all thanks to the brain's special helper: The neuron. Dive into this picture book with your baby, toddler, or young child and discover the answers to their science and biology questions about moving and how we do it. This colorful and educational read will help build your child's vocabulary and kickstart early learning.

You can find this book and a preview of its pages on Amazon here (and similarly, any and all feedback is hugely helpful and so appreciated!):

As I say with all of my books, there is no concept too abstract or advanced for tots that think a lot!

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