Sunday, October 02, 2016

Inside Our Heads (AE&D)

When I'm checking my Twitter notifications, I see the list of top ten trending items, and have gotten in the habit of checking what they are. I mean, I might as well since JAWS makes me scroll through them to get to my notifications anyway, right?

So, whild doing so on September 12th, I discovered it was National Video Games Day.

If it's some kind of holiday - well known or not - that's generally among the trending items, and I usually tell Kelly if it's a national or international day of something, as well as what it's the national or international day of. So, I told him it's National Video Games Day.

In reply, he said, "I thought that was every day; it is for me!"

Not only was his reply funny in itself, but it was made even more so by the fact those had been my exact thoughts - unvoiced at the time - on learning it was National Read A Book Day almost a week before... Every day is read a book day for me!


Me: “One of my socks is all lost and alone. If you see it, please tell it I miss it and want it to come home.”

Kelly (in a totally neutral and relaxed tone): “OK. I’ll look for it in a sec.”

I'm thinking when conversations like these are normal, it's time to be concerned for my sanity... Or, was that time ages ago? *Wink*

*Sensative readers may be pleased to know that, with the exception of a little distress for all concerned, no humans or socks were harmed - intentionally or otherwise - in the making of this post. The sock in question was later discovered in a crumpled heap of misery on the floor in the small gap between the washing machine and tumble dryer. It has since been reunited with its twin, and is no worse for wear from its ordeal.


A couple of weeks ago, we reached level five in our Pathfinder roleplaying adventure. The following is part of the conversation that took place while we were sorting out the new skills and stats for our characters, in particular while we were updating the new skills and stats for Kelly's paladin character...

Dad (GM): "OK, so what did you take?"
Kelly: "I got another channel."*
Me: "What? Like BBC Sport?"

(I appologize for my choice of channels... It was the first one that popped in to my head that we don't have).

*Note for non-roleplayers: channel is one of the healing spells certain characters can get, and is used to heal several people at once, but you're limited to how many times you can use it in a day (as in a game time day; not the same as a gaming session, or real life day) depending on how many times you've "taken" it during character creation or leveling.


Jeanie said...

Glad to hear all socks are well and accounted for! What a fun peek into your life, Tori!

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you enjoyed the post.

Yes, I was concerned for a while, but at least the sock incident had a happy ending...

Rita said...

I don't understand the gaming stuff but I certainly understand the missing sockspart--LOL! I got these small wild thin summer socks that I just love but they stick to everything. Even though I search I am usually missing one sock when I wash and it will show up later when I put on something to wear--up a sleeve or just falling to the floor from somewhere--LOL! There is usually one lonely sock waiting for a mate in my sock drawer. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

It's OK that you don't understand the gaming stuff. I did put a little explanation at the end of the one that requires more information, but it's OK if you still don't get it.

Glad it's not only my socks that wander off somewhere and show up later. I always check sleeves and such, but finding socks that have tried to escape and ended up on the floor is much more difficult for me to do.

IntenseGuy said...

My socks must take grand adventures. I loose some and then find them with holes in them!

Smiles. I had a good chuckle with this post.

Victoria Zigler said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to hear about the adventures your socks must be having to return in such a state...