Friday, February 17, 2017

#Furkid Friday: 5 Facts About My Home Squeak Home #Book

Throughout February, in place of my usual "Furkid Friday" posts, I'll be sharing some facts about certain animal stories my furry family members have inspired. You may already know these facts, but I thought I'd share them, just in case you don't and are interested. I hope you enjoy these posts.

This week it's the turn of one of my stand-alone stories, Home Squeak Home.

1. The story is a semi-fictionalized account of us bringing home our own gerbils, Bilbo and Baggins, and them settling in to our home. Both gerbils survived to see the book published, though we lost Bilbo in April 2016. At the time of this post going live, however, we still have Baggins.

2. As I mentioned above, the real gerbils names are Bilbo and Baggins, but I changed the names for the story, since I didn't want to risk being in trouble for using names so obviously from JRR Tolkien's books in my own books. So Bilbo is named Sooty for the story, and Baggins is named Scamp.

3. The picture on the cover of the book is an actual photo of our gerbils.

4. The pair of gerbils left behind at the petstore at the start of the story really exist. Our gerbils were part of a litter of four: two black, one brown, one white. We brought home the brown one (Baggins) and one of the black ones (Bilbo). I don't know what happened to the other two, though I assume they found nice homes to go to afterwards. I named them in the story just because I could.

5. The little boy who brings home the gerbils is loosely based on my hubby, though obviously with some imagination on my part to turn him in to a child. He even carries my hubby's middle name. I made sure my hubby read the story before anyone else saw it, just to be sure he had no problems with the character. Luckily, he was really pleased about being in the story with his gerbils.


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