Thursday, March 09, 2017

Joshua Turns Four (FD)

Today (March 9th 2017) is the fourth birthday of our remaining degu, Joshua.

Of course, it would have also been the fourth birthday of the rest of the J boys - Joshua's brothers - today, but we lost Jasper, Jenks, and Jacob last year (in June, September, and November respectively).

Joshua has now been our only degu for four months. He's doing well, but when Joshua first found himself alone, we were really worried, especially since the loss of his brothers seemed to have destroyed the trust we'd earned from him. But we've worked with him patiently over these past few months, and managed to regain a lot of that trust back. He's still reluctant to allow us to pick him up, and some days doesn't like to be touched. But he'll let us pet him some days. He also now accepts food from Kelly with only a slight hesitation, and from me without any hesitation at all (in fact, he runs to greet me at the cage door for his morning piece of cereal every day). Compared to the way he'd try to stay as far away from our hands as possible, even if we were offering food, after we lost Jasper, Jenks, and then Jacob, this is a huge improvement.

Anyway, as I said, Joshua is four years old today. So... Happy birthday degu buddy!


Rita said...

I'm glad he is recovering from the shock of being alone. Had to be scary for him. Patience and treats can usually win out. ;) Happy birthday to Joshua.

Victoria Zigler said...

I think it's the treats more than anything. ;)

Jeanie said...

Belated birthday greetings. Yes, grief hits animals as well -- and it must be very hard to have it magnified several times. I hope he'll continue to regain his trust of you, who love him so much.

Victoria Zigler said...

I hope so too. I feel sorry for the little guy. It's hard enough for us having to deal with so much loss, but it must be harder on him.