Sunday, March 19, 2017

#Photos Taken With Our New Camera

My "keeper for the day experience" at drucillas park is this coming Wednesday.

Now, we can't guarantee we'll be allowed to take photos of everything. But we want to be able to take decent photos whenever taking photos is an option. I mean, if taking photos will upset the animal in question, we'll obviously avoid doing so. But we want to capture photos of as many of my animal encounter experiences as possible, as I'm sure you can understand.

Unfortunately, the camera we've had for the past several years isn't that great: we keep forgetting how to work the flash, and the lense keeps getting dirty. This means we either get blurry shots, or shots that are too dark to see anything. Remember those times it's looked like a bad day and I've said it wasn't? That was our old camera playing up.

My iPhone has a camera on it, which does take good photos. But the battery doesn't last long on it because of me needing to use voiceover all the time, and the battery life is even worse when I'm using TapTapSee to take photos (if you don't know, TapTapSee is a talking photo app for iPhones, and the only way I can take and interact with photos successfully using my phone). Not to mention, taking photos using TapTapSee is a slow process. This means that using my phone to take photos will only be an option for maybe a couple of shots (if we're lucky) and will then leave us with a phone that has no battery in it... Not the end of the world, but not ideal (especially when we're so far from home). Oh, and there's the small problem of Kelly not being very good at using my iPhone, which means him taking photos of me doing things is rather difficult to say the least, since he takes even longer than I do, due to me needing to talk him through each stage of it.

So, we did the only thing we could think to do: we brought a new camera.

In all fairness, we've been saying we could do with a new camera for some time.

Anyway, it's a Canon IXUS 285 HS Digital Compact Camera, if you're interested in knowing exactly what we got. Not the most fancy of cameras, perhaps... There were much fancier ones (with much higher price tags, of course). But much better than the old camera; Canon is usually a good make, and was one of the brands approved by my Dad, who knows a lot about photography.

So, we got it a couple of weeks ago, and have been testing it out a little to see how it works. The photos of the rodent gang I've put up since the start of March were taken with the new camera, and so were the photos I'm about to show you (the ocean photo from last week was taken with my iPhone, in case you're wondering).

Anyway... Enjoy!

(The photo above is a view of the ocean from our living room window, and was taken late afternoon on March 2nd 2017).

(The photo above is another view of the ocean from the same window, which was taken later in the evening on March 2nd 2017).

(The photo above is a night time view out of the same window, just to show we get more than just a blank dark image when taking nighttime photos with the new camera, and I believe was also taken on March 2nd 2017).

(The photo above is of the nearby church steeple, and was taken from another of our windows, this time on March 3rd 2017).


Rita said...

Good luck with the new camera. Seems to be better, for sure. Enjoy your wonderful experience on Wednesday!!! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Rita! :)

Jeanie said...

Your camera looks like a good one. I have a different model but small, compact Canon and I've always been very pleased. I hope you'll like it. And you'll find that when you are shooting outdoors (versus the window) the color will be even brighter!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for your comments. I know from when I could see that it's tricky to get good lighting for shots indoors, so I don't doubt that photos taken outside will have brighter colours than those we took through the window. These shots were mostly to make sure we knew how to work the camera before Wednesday though.