Monday, December 11, 2017

All About The Wires

These days I make full use of the option to schedule posts, and very rarely publish a post on the same day I've written it. Most of my posts are written a couple of days in advance. In fact, some of my posts are written about a week before they go live these days, though I will often go in to a post and edit or add something if needed based on the post topic and recent events. I originally started doing this because I had a lot of things in draft that I wanted to get posted, so I was scheduling posts as I wrote them. But I continued doing it because it then means I can have my posts go up at a regular time, giving consistancy to my readers for when to expect content, even if my routine changes. Plus, the links part of my writing posts needs to be done this way, because I collect links throughout the week.

There's another benifit to doing this, and it's one I was reminded of recently. You see, having posts scheduled ahead of time means my posts will still go up, even if I can't get on the computer to write a post, which was the case for several days at the end of November, after Lilie decided that chewing cables was a good idea.

It was actually Kelly's cable she chewed. The one connecting his computer to the modem. The thing is though, I have the ability to do some things - like keep my eMail under control - using my phone and Kindle. Kelly, on the other hand, doesn't own a phone - smart or otherwise - and the only Kindle he owns only connects to the internet to access the Amazon store. So we unplugged my modem cable and atatched it to Kelly's computer, and I made do with doing what I could with my phone and Kindle while we waited for a replacement cable to arrive.

We actually do have extra cables, but none of them are long enough to reach where they need to. At least, none of them were before we brought an extra one while buying one to replace the chewed one. At least now, if Lilie eats the cable again, we do have a spare that can be used. Although, since we changed how the cables are placed, we're hopeful that she actually won't be repeating her cable chewing any time soon.

She did chew on another cable too, but thankfully not for anything important. She chewed the plug off the paper shredder. Luckily for her, the paper shredder hasn't worked properly for a while, and these days I keep it unplugged for safety reasons (it no longer shuts off fully when done shredding a piece of paper). We needed a new shredder anyhow, but still... *sigh*

Maybe I should just employ Lilie as a paper shredder? She seems to love chewing things, after all...

Anyway, add to this the fire department coming to sort out a new fire alarm system, as well as the fact an inspection of the wiring arranged by the landlords to "make sure everything is up to code" revealed that our wiring isn't, which meant the place had to be rewired, so we've had a couple of days when electricians have been here, and even more when we've been waiting for them and they haven't shown up - when we could have been doing stuff online, but didn't want to be in to anything as they'd need to turn off the power to work - and you'll understand why I'm glad there's an option to schedule posts ahead of time, and why I make full use of it.

It may be Winter and cold... Temperatures haven't been much above freezing lately... But apparently the repair work is still going on. I'm not complaining, because I'm glad the landlords are getting the work done. But, as I said, it does make me glad for the option to schedule posts ahead of time, since I can make sure posts are written on days when I know nobody's coming to do anything. At least, I can now we've replaced the cable Lilie chewed. Well, when she'll let me...


Rita said...

I've never written a post ahead of time. Sounds like it really has been working for you! Especially needed between Lilie and the electricians! I hope they get all your wiring up to code. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, it's been working for me, though I do sometimes find I need to pop in and change or add things in some of my posts (like the additions I needed to make to the post that went up today - as in Tuesday - since it was written Sunday, and I had more to add on Monday). As for the wiring: I think they're done with that now... They did what should have been the last thing last week. So I guess it's on to whatever the landlords are tackling next.

Jeanie said...

Retrograde Mercury -- everything electronic seems to go haywire. I need to check when it's over and maybe my computer will cooperate for me more. I feel for you, Tori and hope all gets and stays resolved!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah... Between that and Lilie, we didn't have a chance, did we? ;)