Friday, February 14, 2020

Friends Of #FurkidFriday: Bond

Hi everyone. This is Lilie the Westie.

I've got a new friend for you to meet today, so let's see who it is, shall we?

Hello friend, what’s your name? If you have an unusual name, or there’s an interesting story behind it, I’d love to hear about what your name means, or the story behind it, so please share.

My name is Bond. My full name is Mr. Bond, and I prefer my catnip shaken, not stirred. I’m a tuxedo cat, and my human sibling came up with my name. When I was rescued from the shelter, my name was Brad, but that was also the name of my human sibling’s best friend. It could have been weird for everyone if my family hadn’t changed it.

Yeah, that would have been pretty confusing. Oh, and I'll bear that in mind about the catnip. Personally, I'm not allowed any. Anyway, Bond, I know you're a cat, but what species and breed are you?

I’m a tuxedo cat, black and white, with a white chest.

Black and white, you say? That could mean some interesting markings, so please describe your appearance in more detail. Of course, I have the photo you provided to show everyone in a moment, but please describe yourself too, for the benefit of those who can’t see the photo.

Plenty of people have commented about my shiny coat and how handsome I am. If you look at my picture, you’ll see that they’re right. My eyes range from green to gold depending on the light, and I also have a little white mustache. Some people say it looks like a Hitler mustache—whatever that means. All four paws are white, too.

I don't know what the Hitler mustache comment means either, but I do know those who say you're handsome are right, because you are. Also, that's cool about your eyes. So, Bond, what sort of place do you live in? Who do you share it with?

My forever home is in Kentucky with my parents, and I have two human sibling brothers, but I don’t see them as often. One is at someplace called college and the other has a grownup job. Sometimes when he visits, he brings his cat, Sora. She used to be pretty small and I had fun intimidating her and swiping her toys. But not anymore. She grew, and now when she’s here, she claims my cat tower as her own, sleeps in my bed, and plays with my toys. There’s been quite a disturbance in the force, and the balance of power has shifted.

Sorry Sora has claimed the spot of top cat now. Logan tried to do that when he started getting bigger too, but I soon put a stop to that. I'm top dog around here. Anyway, when you're not dealing with Sora's attitude, what’s your favourite thing to do?

I like to sit on the screened porch and watch birds. Mom also puts me on a leash, which some people think is weird for a cat, and lets me out on the patio. One time I actually caught a bird and tried to take it inside to play with it. Mom kind of freaked out and took it away from me. I never understood what the big deal was.

Ah, yes. The humans have a thing about us dogs and cats not grabbing the birds and squeaky things. Not sure why. I mean, we only want to play with them. Speaking of playing, do you have a favourite toy? If yes, what is it?

My favorite toys are balls with bells inside and feathers attached, but I usually rip them off and leave them scattered around the house. If I can’t rip feathers off birds, that’s the next best thing. Sometimes I take the bells out of the balls and hide them. Mom says she can’t figure out how I do it, but that really doesn’t surprise me. Cats are more intelligent than humans.

Yes. Cats and dogs are both more intelligent than humans. Well, most of us. That fact is debatable where Logan is concerned. Regardless, sticking on the subject of favourite things, what’s your favourite food?

I’ll only eat one brand of dry food. When I first came to live here, Mom gave me some smelly stuff in a can, but I tried to cover it up. I also get some pretty tasty cat treats every day. People food doesn’t really interest me—unless it’s popcorn or cheese. Feta cheese and blue cheese are my favorites. I’ve gotten in trouble for helping myself to some in Mom’s salad when her back was turned.

At least you know what you like. As for you helping yourself to your Mom's cheese... Well, she shouldn't have had it within your reach if she didn't want you to share. Hey, speaking of your Mom, what’s the one thing your human does that you love most?

Putting me on my leash outside. In the fall on nice days, my parents like to sit on the patio—Dad watches football and Mom reads—and I’ll lay in the sun or curl up on the couch beside Mom and nap. Football Sundays are good days.

That definitely does sound good, and I can see why you'd love it so much. But we all know it's not always nice things like Football Sundays with the humans, is it? So, tell me, what’s the one thing your human does that you hate most?

Most cats seem to like it, but don’t get that brush thing around me. I might tolerate it for a few seconds, but then it’s just annoying and I attack it and the hand holding it.

Sorry you don't enjoy being brushed. I'm a big fan of it myself. Anyway, Bond, I know your human is a writer. Has she written anything about you? If yes, can you tell us about it? If no, do you think she will in the future?

She hasn’t written about me, but the idea for her first book came from their black cat, Shadow, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge before I lived with Mom and Dad. Since he inspired the story, Mom put a black cat in the book named Eby, short for Ebony. Seems fair to me. Maybe I’ll get my own story someday.

That's interesting about the cat in her first book, and I hope she does write a story featuring you one day. In the meantime, what do you do while your human writes?

I usually hang close. She talks to me a lot and asks for my opinion on things. Sometimes I’ll curl up beside her or she’ll write in the kitchen where she can watch me while I’m leashed on the patio. She doesn’t seem to like it when I walk across the laptop.

That's great that she asks for your opinion on things. I hope she's sensible enough to take your advice. Not sure what her problem about you walking across the laptop is, but when I mentioned it to Mummy, she said she didn't blame her for that. Humans! Anyway, I hear cats sleep a lot, and you're probably due for a cat nap, so I should let you go. Before you go though, is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

I’d really like people to know that because of some silly superstitions, black cats are the last to be rescued from shelters, if they’re adopted at all. My parents and their friends who’ve also chosen black cats say they’re full of personality and have a lot of unconditional love to give. And I promise we don’t come with any curses or bad juju. Give us a chance.

That's a great message to send out to people. Mummy says she agrees with it too. In fact, she says she had a black cat before - a long time before I was born - and agrees about the personality. So, people, give black cats a chance!

Thanks for inviting me over, Lilie! I don’t get many interview requests—even though I’m usually lying right beside Mom when she writes. More blogs should interview pets. We’re far more interesting than humans.

You're very welcome, and I completely agree! Thanks for coming over, and feel free to let any other animals you know who live with writers know we want to interview them, so they can get in touch too - regardless of what species they are.


About the human:
Teri Polen reads and watches horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and anything Marvel-related are likely to cause fangirl delirium. She lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband, sons, and black cat. Her first novel, Sarah, a YA horror/thriller, was a horror finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Visit her online at

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Teri Polen said...

Tori, thanks so much to you and Lilie for featuring Bond (he's currently basking in his newfound fame) and my new release. We both had a ball with the interview. Happy Valentine's Day!

John Howell said...

It was terrific getting to know you, Bond. Lillie asked some good questions and your answers were great.

Mae Clair said...

Lillie ad Bond did a great job with this interview. It was so much fun!
I wish I could get Raven (my black cat) to allow a leash, but she won't have any of it. She does have a "catio" though, so I can keep her safe when she's lounging outside on the patio with her humans in warm weather.
Football Sundays sound great, Bond. You've clearly got the life :)

Victoria Zigler said...

You're very welcome.. We were glad to have Bond over, and give him a chance for some attention.

Lots of licks,

P.S. Mummy says she loved the new book, and hopes others are enjoying it as much as she did.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you enjoyed getting to know Bond.

Lots of licks,

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

Mummy says she wishes Mollie would accept a leash too. She's known cats and rabbits who did in the past, and some that don't. Mollie's a chinchilla, not a rabbit, but could still have better out of cage time if she'd accept a leash. At least she has the pen, and your Raven has her catio.

Lots of licks,

CS Boyack said...

Wonderful interview, you two.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! And thanks for visiting!

Lots of licks,

robbiesinspiration said...

A lovely interview with Bond, Tori. Amazon delivered my copy of Teri's new book this morning.

Teri Polen said...

Thanks for stopping by and meeting Bond, John! Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Darlene said...

Bond is a perfect name for a handsome, debonair cat like you. A great interview.

Teri Polen said...

Mae, the first summer we had Bond, he wouldn't have anything to do with the leash either. Pretty soon he realized it was the only way he would be allowed outside the screen porch. Now, it's second nature to him, but it was a struggle at first.

Teri Polen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Craig and Robbie!

Teri Polen said...

Thanks, Darlene! I wanted to name him Loki, which would have absolutely suited his personality, but was overruled.

Rita said...

So nice to meet Bond. It was a good name change. Bond fits you very well. Always nice to hear about a rescue getting a forever home. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you enjoyed the interview Lilie and Bond did. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of the book (thanks again for that, Teri) so you can see my review for it in yesterday's post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for visiting.

Lots of licks,

Victoria Zigler said...

Loki would have been a cool name for him too. Maybe you can call him that when you write a story with him in?

Lots of licks,

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you enjoyed meeting Bond.

Lots of licks,

Joan Hall said...

Well, it was certainly nice getting to know you, Mr. Bond. I also have a Tuxedo cat and like you, he will not eat canned food. I also have a black Manx. Black cats are smart and very loveable. (By the way, my Mom's grandfather said it was good luck when a black cat comes to a house.)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting. That's nice what your Mom's Grandfather said. Speaking of black cats visiting places... Feel free to have one - or both - of yours come visit us. We love making new friends, so would be happy to have your cat(s) come have some time in the spotlight too.

Lots of licks,

Teri Polen said...

Thanks for dropping by to meet Bond, Rita! We agree - the name certainly fits him better than Brad. Just weird for everyone if we would have kept it, lol.

Teri Polen said...

I agree, Joan - black cats are definitely very smart and lovable. And the ones we've had have always brought us good luck.