Friday, September 14, 2007

Day out with Nan

Well, I managed to get a decent amount of sleep last night (meaning Thursday night). I went to bed around midnight, and it wasn't all that long before I fell asleep. Woke up about 2:00 am and thought to myself, "Oh no, don't say that's going to be it for me for the night again!" But it wasn't. I was only up for an hour (at most) then back asleep again. Woke up a little after 8:00 am. So, that was good. Plus, I got a good two or three hour nap after I got home from town today.

I met my Nan in town today. We had a nice, slow walk around some of the shops and the market, had some food (both of us had bacon, egg and chips/fries), then went and had a look around a couple more shops before going home. I got a few Christmas presents for people, plus a bigger box with a lid on for my lego (the little tub I have was getting too full). The box is purple, and only cost £1.99. So, I got two. Just in case I decide I need it. Besides, it's purple, it's q tidy size, and it was only £1.99! LOL! I also got a book and an audio book that I liked the sounds of and Nan insisted I got myself. I can't remember what they're called at the moment, but the book only cost 30p in a charity shop/good will store that we were looking in to get some cheap teddies for Kero and Jayde for Christmas (found some by the way) and the audio book was £3 in the market.

We had a pretty good day. Though, I was disgusted with a couple of people in the one store.

One person was trying to get at something that I was in the way of, and instead of nicely asking me to move, she started trying to pull it off the shelf (whacking me on the knee with it as she made the attempts) and when she failed to get it to move, she sharply said, "Do you mind? MOVE!" I moved, but it was more to stop from being hit with the corner of the plastic box she was trying to get a better look at than because of her order.

The other person was a woman working at the check-out of that same store. Nan and I had both brought things, and while I was putting mine up to pay, I told Nan to let mine go through before taking her stuff out of the trolley. We were right beside the person, so there is no way she couldn't have heard us (the shop was quite quiet) but, after my stuff had gone through, she asked me, "Is that all?" I told her that it was, and she asked if I was sure (while looking at the trolley). I told her that the stuff in the trolley was my Nan's, so if she could ring up my bill so I could pay, then we could pay for those items too, and she actually looked at my Nan and said, "Is it really?" Like she didn't believe me. My Nan told her that it was her stuff and to ring up my bill so I could pay, and she did. But, I was disgusted at how she practically accused me of stealing. Had she apologised upon realising her mistake, I wouldn't have minded, because she has a right to check, but she didn't. She just told me how much my stuff cost, took my money, practically threw my change at me, and turned her attention to making sure Nan was removing everything from the trolley. If it wasn't for the fact I wanted the items so much (that was where I got my purple boxes) I'd have told her to give me my money back and keep the damn stuff!

As we were about to go up to get the bus home, I stopped at an ATM machine to get a bit of money out so I had a bit of cash for if I needed something over the weekend. Luckily, we stopped at my own bank, because when I put the card in the machine, it kept saying "checking card" then threw my card back at me. So, I went inside, and the woman behind the counter told me she thinks the card is too damaged to work any more. I told her I wasn't surprised, because it's been accidentally put through the washing machine recently. It has worked since that happened, but we both think it was a delayed reaction to that. Anyway, she gave me my cash over the counter and is ordering me a new card. She's advised that, in the meantime, I get any cash I want out of my bank over the counter, since the card probably wont work, and after a couple of tries will only be swallowed up by the machine. Good thing my bank is in Ammanford, not Swansea. It's also a good thing that I haven't changed addresses since being with this bank, which means I know my card will come to the right address. LOL!

Having to go into the bank meant that we ended up missing the one bus home by a few minutes. I wanted the 145 because it stops closer to my place and I had those boxes (which are light, but awkward to carry) but there were two other buses Nan could have caught that we were in time for. She decided she wanted to see me on to my bus before getting one home herself though. Unfortunately, because the 145 goes along the route of the school buses, there isn't one just before 3:00 pm, because the two buses would get in the way of each other on the narrower roads. And, guess what? It was the one that comes just before 2:00 pm that we missed. The next one after that is at 4:00 pm. Normally I'd have just caught one of the other buses, but I didn't think the bag that the boxes were in would hold enough to carry it on the longer walk, and neither of us were in a hurry to leave, so we went into the Co Op and got a few bits, then waited for the 4:00 pm bus. As it turned out, I was right about the bag. It broke a few feet away from my gate. Had I gone on one of the other buses, I wouldn't have even been half way between the bus stop and home with the amount of time the bag lasted.

Anyway, that's about it for today.



Joy said...

You're lucky to still have your nan. I lost all my grandparents before I turned 20.

Your Love Coach

KAYLEE said...


I hate rude people like that too:)

LadyStyx said...

Glad you got some sleep. Catch a few zzz for me too while you're at it.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your nan. I lost my favorite this past January and the other wouldnt know me if I showed up (she's in a nursing home with alzheimer's).

Gosh those people were beyond rude. I have to say you were much nicer than I would have been that's for sure. People get rude with me and my Leoine tendencies come on out and I usually get really rude back.

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you had a full day with your Nan. Good thing you took that later bus, tho.

There are a lot of rude people in this world. I think some just like to irritate people to see how far they can push them...others just don't know any better. :\

Hope you can sleep well again tonight. *hugs*

KAYLEE said...

u ok?

theteacher said...

Lol. Typical of people today sadly. And carrier bags too for that matter . . .

Kati said...

Geeze!!! Those ladies in the shop sound horrid! Glad you got some nice things out of it, though. And glad you had a good time with your Nan.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

told ya you'd have a good time with your nan, wish i lived nearer then you could go out with your grandma as well, but we will have a good time "when" you get down here.

yes i noticed the quip about the bank card going to the right address,lol.

so kero & jayde have got " teddie's "teddie's" for cristmas she will love that.

and i hope your sleep pattern has been ok of late.

Liz said...

Wow Tori what a long blog and I am glad you had a good day in town I met your nan a couple of times many years ago, I was just a child and she was quite a young woman your uncles were just little children as well but I can see her in front of me now.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you back here again soon.

Sorry your lost your grandparents so young.

Thanks. And, I'm fine. Just didn't get around to posting on any blogs this weekend.

Thanks! :)

Sorry to hear about your Grandmothers.

I don't always hold my tongue that well. I'm surprised I did then to be honest, lol! I'm not known for my tact or my ability to keep my mouth shut. I think they were both just lucky I was too tired to get into an argument and just wanted to carry on enjoying my time in town with my Nan. I'm not promising to keep my mouth shut next time though. LOL!

Very ture!

Yes, it is typical of people and carrier bags, isn't it? LOL! And then Tesco say they want us to re-use their bags. I actually had an argument with one of the ones in Tesco the other day, because she told me their bags are strong enough to re-use for a good few months and I disagree. I told her half the time they bearly get the food home, and the few that do last longer are only really good enough to use to put in bins that are too small for black bags.

Yeah, unfortunately there are a lot of "horrid" people around. *Sigh*

You could always move back here! :)

Kero and Jayde haven't only got teddies. THey've got other things too! They'd get bored if all their stuff was teddies. LOL!

Auntie Lizzie:
Thanks. And, I've done plenty of longer blog posts before. LOL!