Thursday, September 13, 2007


As promised, I pulled the photos I took of Kero after his grooming off the camera. Here's one of them. The others are in the photo albums.

Today was Kero's vet trip. He had a thorough check-up and his shots. I was very pleased with what the vet had to say about him. After a thorough examination, the vet asked how old he was, but before I could answer, he made an estimate, "How old is he now? 1 & 1/2?" he asked. And when I told him he was older than that, he said, "What? He's 2?" He was surprised when I told him he was almost 3 & 1/2. The vet said if he'd had to make a guess at his age judging by his teeth and general state of health, he would have put him in the under 2 years old category. Then complimented me on how well I must be looking after him. So, that made my day. I think Kero was also quite pleased at being mistaken for being still a puppy. LOL!

Kero cried when he had his shot. He never has before. We don't know why he did this time, but the vet felt bad for making him cry, so he went to fetch him a treat. Only to find he'd ran out. So, he told us that Kero deserved something special and we should get him some kind of special treat on the way home. We told the vet he usually gets a little sausage roll after his vet trip, and the vet said that would be perfect. So, when we were done at the vet, we got a sausage roll for Kero, a baguette for me, and a cheese and bacon turnover thing for Kelly, which we ate while waiting for the bus.

While we were at the vets, I got the flea stuff for Kero and the cats. 1 dog one, 1 large cat one (for Chance) and 2 "standard sized cat" ones (for Megan and Sakura). Still, the vet bill wasn't all that bad. It cost £39 for Kero's check-up, Kero's shots, and all the flea treatments. That's about $100 Canadian, which is about $80 American (I think).

I didn't manage to get much sleep last night. I got to bed about 11:00 pm (by the time I'd done everything I needed to do before going to bed) and fell asleep almost straight away, but was awake again about 2:00 am, and I never managed to get back to sleep after that. Needless to say, when we got home from the vet, I went for a nap. It was about 10:30 am (ish) we got home, and about 11:30 am (ish) I went to lay down. I slept until a little after 3:30 pm. Best sleep I've had in a while that was! LOL!

Haven't done anything else worth mentioning today, so I guess I'll hit 'publish' and go check other people's blogs for any new posts.



KAYLEE said...

awwww I HAVENT SLEET WELL LATELY EITHER.dont know why,havent been eating either.Great pic of him love it.only $80 american.......
thats cheap that here, in america would cost like $200 at least.Anyway sleep well tonight.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks. Hope you manage to get some sleep (and eat a decent amount of food) soon too!

A lot of things are cheaper in Wales than in other places. You even notice the difference going from Wales to England. That's the good thing with being in a rural area.

KAYLEE said...

Yeah true I am feeling better todayy read my post.....I hope i eat and sleep tonight too :)

Tori_Z said...

Just been to your blog and commented! :)

KAYLEE said...

Okay yeah I didnt see that before i said that:D

Tori_Z said...

No worries! :D
Glad you're feeling better! :)

KAYLEE said...


Katie said...

that's good that he's so healthy. i hope he's around a long time :) and he's so cute too!

Kati said...

Gosh Tori, I hope you're able to get more sleep this weekend. Sounds exausting!!!!

Congrats on such a glowing report from the vet!

Liz said...

Well Your Kero looks very cute to after hiss grooming, and that was not bad for all you had at the vets it would cost alot more at this end of the country.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks. I hope he is too! :)

Thanks. You'll be glad to know I got about 8 hours sleep last night (Thursday night) and a couple of hours after I got home from town too. So, I'm feeling a lot more rested now.

Auntie Lizzie:
Thanks. Yes, I've noticed that Wales is cheaper than England too. Not just for vet bills, but for other stuff. It's a case of, step across the border and be prepared to pay through your nose. LOL!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

what a handsome chap kero is he really does look very smart,and he certainly fooled the vet didnt he.