Thursday, September 20, 2007


Sorry I haven't been on the blogs the last few days. I just haven't felt like it. Plus, I haven't had very much to blog about.

Tuesday, I went food shopping with my Mam. And, we picked up a few bits we wanted/needed from up town.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I didn't do much. Though, I did have a couple of visitors.

One of my visitors was of the four legged kind. A really cute, slightly over-weight, kinda old-looking, King Charles Spaniel. He strolled up to Kelly in the park when he (Kelly) was going to the post office, and followed Kelly home. He had a number on his tag, but we couldn't get an answer on it, so we called the dog warden to get him to pick him up. I took a couple of pictures of him while we were waiting for him to be picked up, but haven't gotten around to putting them on the PC yet.

The other visitors were my Mam and our friend Nic. They didn't stay long though, they just dropped in for a little chat.

And, today (Thursday) I've not done anything worth mentioning.

It's been wet, and kinda chilly for the last couple of days, so that means Kero and I haven't done much in the way of going on walks. Kero doesn't do rain, and I'm not daft enough to try and force him to go out when it's cold and wet. LOL!

When I was in town on Tuesday, I had to go in to the bank to get money out, and was told my card "should" be with me "by Friday." Guess what? It came today.

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to post about. Hope you're all enjoying your week so far.


P.S. Happy birthday to our friend, Jason.


Kati said...

Even though it sounds like you're somewhat bored without much to do, hope you're enjoying the mellow-ness of the time. BTW, you've been tagged!!!! Come see what I mean!! *wink*

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well tori thats not like you, you always have plenty to chat about so hurry and think of something to write about love as i miss your blogs " sob-sob " lol.

soul&body said...

i love the dog!!!!

KAYLEE said...

//Sorry I haven't been on the blogs the last few days. I just haven't felt like it. Plus, I haven't had very much to blog about.//

exactly how i have felt lately!GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!! and I am feeling much better today no fever :P

Carol said...


theteacher said...

I like a quiet week from time to time! It's nice to just kick back and do nothing.