Friday, December 28, 2007

The holidays for the furkids

I'd hoped to get more photos of the furkids, but the batteries on the camera were a lot lower than I'd thought, and we couldn't get to the charger to charge them (still can't, actually). AND the spare set were dead too... Oops! So, anyway, all we got were a few photos of Kero. This one that Kelly has helped me put in this post is of Kero with most of his presents. There are a couple of photos of Kero being given a couple of his presents in my photo albums if you want to see them.

He certainly did have a lot of stuff. When we exchanged a gift each on Yule, he had a turkey and cranberry flaboured, bone shaped biscuit. Then, Christmas day he had LOADS of stuff... Including, a new bowl, a blue and white striped blanket, a large candy cane shaped rawhide chew, a panda teddy, a squeaky boot that had a Santa hat on it, a squeaky stocking, a couple of different "Christmasy" squeaky bones, a few rope tuggy toys, a few little balls, and LOADS of treats. And, if that wasn't enough, he got more treats and another ball from my Mam and Dad on Boxing day.

The cats did quite well for themselves too. They had about half a dozen packs of cat treats, three little bottles of cat milk, some catnip toys, some of those balls with bells in, and a play tunnel.

Sirius (the hamster) got a few packs of hamster treats, and some wood chew toys.

And all of the furkids had a "special dinner" Christmas day. Actually, the cats got two. Kero had a special "holiday" dog meal which I added some real turkey too. The cats had a small tin of "gormet" cat food (also with a bit of real turkey in) and then - later in the day - they had a small can of "cat tuna" that Mam and I had seen and decided to pick up for them. Sirius had a bit of carrot and a bit of cheese, since I wasn't sure what else to get him.



Intense Guy said...

That is one lucky and blessed dog!


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well you and kelly seem to have had a very-very happy time and plenty of presents, glad you liked the ( cat ornament ) as i picked it special for you two.

and all those films on dvd's my you are going to have a restfull time watching them all.

and the furry kids seemed to have had a good time to.


grandma xx

Tori_Z said...

Yeah, he is a bit spoiled, isn't he? LOL!

Thanks. And, happy New Year to you and Jayde too!