Friday, December 28, 2007

Yule and Christmas 2007

Warning: This is going to be a LONG post!!! LOL!

I had a wonderful Yule and Christmas.

As I mentioned in the post I did last Friday, my holiday celebrations began with my Mam coming down to make some cookies, mince pies, egg nog and Wassail with me. Which was great fun!

That night, Kelly and I exchanged the gift we'd brought each other for Yule (mine was "The Simpsons' Movie" on DVD). We were too tired to do anything else in the way of celebrating that night though.

Most of Saturday, Sunday and Monday was spent alternating between watching movies (some Christmasy, some not so much) and making sure all housework was caught up. We even made a point of washing all the blankets on our bed and making sure we had clean sheets on the bed (a habit I got into when I was younger, because my Mam used to tell me and my brothers we needed to "make sure the house is nice and clean for Santa" and I kept up the habit).

The movies I watched were as follows:

"Balto" (the first one) which I'm sure I've mentioned before, but just in case I haven't, it's about a half-wolf called "Balto" (yeah, didn't see that coming... lol) who saves most of the people in a village that doesn't even trust him by getting them the medicine they need. It's a lovely movie. Quite an old one, I think.

After that I watched "The Simpsons' Movie" (which I'd been waiting since August to see). Which is the feature length movie based on the animated TV series "The Simpsons" (one of my favourites) and how Homer manages to turn the whole of Springfield against him. It was really good... Worth waiting to see, in my opinion anyway.

"The Little Polar Bear: The Mysterious Island" was another I watched. It was an animated movie about a polar bear and his friends, who go on an arctic rescue mission. It was a nice little movie.

I also watched "Holidays: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen" "Under The Mistletoe" "Chasing Christmas" and "Home By Christmas" again. I know I've mentioned those before, so I definately wont go into details again.

The other movies I watched were some short Christmas movies. You know? The classic ones... "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" and "The Town Father Christmas Forgot" - Christmas wouldn't be the same without them! I expect everyone knows them well. "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" is, of course, based on the book by Dr Seus about how "The Grinch" (a green dude who hates Christmas) tries to steal Christmas. "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" is, of course, the cartoon/movie that goes along with the song I posted the lyrics to before Christmas, and what happens when Grandma gets run over by that reindeer. And "The Town Father Christmas Forgot" is about a greedy little boy called "Jeremy Creek" who writes a HUGE list to Father Christmas, and Father Christmas figures that if the list is that long it can't be just one person, so his elves look and find a small town called Jeremy Creek that they'd not been delivering to before, and the toys get delivered to that town instead. They are all really sweet little Christmas shows that I thoroughly enjoy watching (so much so I saw them all at least three times just this year).

The first part of "The Hogfather" was on Christmas eve, and the second part of it was on Christmas day. So, I watched that too. It's about when "Hogswatch" (Terry Pratchett's version of Christmas) is almost ruined when people try to kill the Hogfather, and how "Death" and his Grandaughter "Susan" save Hogswatch. Really good movie, in my opinion!

I also spent the weekend reading a book called "Stanley's Christmas Adventure" by Jeff Brown. I don't know if you're familiar with the "Flat Stanley" books, but this is the fourth in the series (and the only one I have) and its about when Stanley and his family help to save Christmas when a little girl called "Sarah" brings them to "Snow City" too convince Father Christmas to change his mind about canceling Christmas.

So... Anyway...

After Kelly went to bed Christmas eve I played "Santa" and filled the stockings. Then went to bed myself. I hardly slept though, and within a couple of hours we'd both given up on the idea of sleep and got up to have our stockings and the stuff under the tree that was for us. LOL!

Kelly and I sort of worked together on making Christmas dinner (although he did most of the work). We had turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots, sprouts, gravy and cranberry sauce. I made the stuffing and gravy, and the cranberry sauce was shop-brought, but the rest of it Kelly made. And what a fantastic job he did of it too! There was so much that we only ate half our dinners at dinner time, then went for a nap (partly because we were sleepy from being so full, partly because we were tired from being up so early) before finnishing the rest.

We did a buffet for ourselves, my Mam and Dad, and my brother (Wayne) on Boxing day, and exchanged our gifts with them when they came down to eat it. We ended up doing more food than planned, so I sent them home with a load of stuff. There was chocolate cake, Christmas cake, ginger cake, strawberry cheesecake, mince pies, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, crisps (as in potato chips) in three different flavours, mini jam doughnuts, mini chocolate eclaires, peanuts (roasted and salted), cheese straws, and a couple of other bits I can't remember. I'd also gotten some small bottles of beer for Wayne and a bottle of wine for my Mam (Dad was driving, so shared my non-alcaholic grape wine). And, we had some more wassail, which it turns out Dad and Wayne like too. I can't speak for Mam, Dad and Wayne, but I can tell you honestly that Kelly and I never ate anything else Boxing day. LOL!

Both myself and Mam were a bit tired and not feeling 100% Boxing day afternoon (can't speak for Mam, but in my case it was mostly due to the fact my cold finally decided to break, so I was feeling a bit run down and generally not too great) so we went and had a lay down while Kelly, Dad and Wayne watched a couple of movies. Before we went to lay down though, we all sat and tried to do some of the metal puzzles I'd had for Christmas. Dad was best at them, and was able to do every one he tried. And after Mam and I got up from our naps, we sat around and had a bit of a chat before they left.

After they left, I had the cheek to say, "I need to go lay down." And, I slept right through until about 4:00 am yesterday morning (from about 7:00 pm Wednesday). Then I spent yesterday listening to some audio books I'd gotten for Christmas.

The first one was "The Railway Children" by E. Nesbit, which is about three Children - Roberta, Peter and Phyllis - who move to a house by the railway. I believe it's a really old story, but I'd never heard it before. It was really good!

The other one I listened to was "Starring Tracy Beaker" by Jaqueline Wilson. It's read by the girl who plays Tracy Beaker in the TV series (her name is "Dani" something) and is about when Tracy Beaker - a little girl who lives in a childrens' home and has a VERY vivid imagination - is starring as "Scrooge" in her school's production of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and all the things that happen to her around the time of the performance.

I suppose you'll be wanting to know what I had for Christmas? OK, I guess I could tell you. LOL!
I had some audio books, some DVDs, LeAnn Rimes' new CD (can't remember the title), some Lego, some metal puzzles, some wooden puzzles, a book mark in the shape of a cat, a tactile Ludo game, a 3D Snakes & Ladders game, LOADS of chocolates, some candy canes, a set of mugs with pictures of cats and dogs on them, some other stuff I can't remember, and a Rubix cube. I'd wanted a Rubix cube for AGES and Mam and Dad finally found one, but of course they are based on colours (there are tactile ones, but they're even harder to find than the ordinary ones nowadays) so my Dad sat and made me some labels for the squares in braille, using the first letter of each colour to mark the square (i.e. r for red, w for white, etc). Another thing they got me that I'd wanted for ages was a pocket knife. I'd asked and asked for one, and Mam kept telling me I was a girl so shouldn't have one, but when a friend (the person will know who they are when I continue) said she was getting one for her daughter now she was old enough, I told my Mam it wasn't fair that she should get one when I was thirteen years older and still waiting for mine. So, my Mam gave in. LOL! It's one of those "Swiss army knives" with other tools on it besides the knife blade (like a cork screw, a screw driver, a bottle opener, etc). There were also a few "joint presents" Kelly and I had. One was an ornamental cat from my Grandma (we're leaving it in its box until we've moved), another was a Simpsons doughnut maker. We also had some biscuits and chocolates brought for the two of us to share, and some money.

If you're wondering what DVDs and audio books I got, keep wondering. LOL! I can't remember most of them. I know I had: "Starring Tracy Beaker" by Jaqueline Wilson, "The Railway Children" by E. Nesbit, "Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire" and "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows" by J. K. Rowling (just need books 5 and 6 on audio book now, and I've got the whole set), "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkein, and some others I can't remember. As for the DVDs, the only one I can remember the title of is "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory"... *shrugs*... Well, you'll get to find out what I got as I listen to and watch them. LOL!

OK, this post is more than long enough! LOL!

Scroll down for my post about the furkids' holidays. And, scroll down even further for my post answering the question about babies being born on December 21st being considered lucky.

Hope you all had a wonderful time doing whatever you did to celebrate over Yule (if you celebrate it) and Christmas. Or, whatever holiday it is you celebrate.



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

sorry love i ment to have put the comment thats down below up here, oops.

any way have a good new year .

Tori_Z said...

That's OK, Grandma. LOL! :)

Happy New Year to you too!

KAYLEE said...


Tori_Z said...

Yes, it was.

I'm doing OK (I think). My cold isn't sticking around any more... It just seems to have lingered long enough to make me feel totally lousy Boxing day and the day after... So that's good. But I had a bad day yesterday (will post and explain later... Please don't ask!)

Kati said...

Sounds like a great Christmas, Tori, with lots of great food & yummies, and lots of great gifties. Glad y'all had a good time, except for the cold. Hope you're feeling MUCH better!!!!

Have a Happy New Year, as well!!!!

Tori_Z said...

Thanks... Yes, I'm feeling better (when it comes to the cold anyway). And, yes, I did get some great gifts.