Monday, January 28, 2008

All's quiet on the blogging front

I don't know what it is, but it seems like most people have a lot going on that's stopping them from making it to their blogs lately. Either that, or - like me - they just couldn't be bothered to put the PC on and write a blog.

Actually, I think the main reason for my lack of interest in blogging over the past few days is that I've done sod all worth blogging about over the past few days. And, what's the point of doing a blog when you've got nothing to write about?

About the most interesting thing that happened was the doctor called (well, it was the doctor's receptionist really, but still) to ask me to make an appointment to come in for more blood tests. Got to go in for them on Thursday 7th February 2008 at 10:20 am. Only thing is, I was so busy trying to find a time and day that worked for everyone involved I forgot to ask why the doctor wants them done. Oops! I guess I'll ask when I go for them. It's probably just to keep an eye on my iron level anyway.

Also, Mam dropped by on her way to town with her friend Kelly to ask if I wanted anything from town. I said I wouldn't mind a baguette... Apparently she was meaning she wanted to know if I "needed" anything. *Shrugs* Well, she said "want" not "need" so how was I to know which she meant? LOL! Anyway, there wasn't anything we needed, so she did end up getting my baguette (and a chicken sandwich for my hubby). And, very nice it was too! I guess she decided since she was going in for driving practice anyway, she might as well grab my baguette. LOL!

Spent most of the weekend watching some of my ever growing "need to watch" DVD pile.

First I watched series 9 and 10 of Friends, which I got a few weeks ago with the rest of my birthday money. So, that's that all spent now.

I was going to watch series 6 of Buffy too, but I was watching the DVDs in the bedroom, and the DVD player in there is REALLY picky, and decided that after two episodes of Buffy I had seen all it was going to let me see. LOL!

So, instead I watched "Double, Double, Toil And Trouble" which is a movie starring the Olsen twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley). The movie is about how 7-year-old twins, Kelly and Lynn (played by the Olsen twins) find out that their Aunt Agatha has trapped her own twin sister (Sophia) in a mirror, and the girls have until midnight on Halloween to free her, or the spell becomes permanent. I think it's a really good movie. But then, I'm a big fan of the Olsen twins (especially the stuff they did as kids).

I also watched "The Wild" which was about a lion named "Ryan" who lives in a zoo in New York, and who is trying to find his roar and thinks if he goes in to the wild he'll then learn how to roar like his Dad (Sampson). So Ryan goes off and Sampson has to try and rescue him and bring him back to the zoo (with a little help from some other animals from the zoo). It was a pretty good movie. Quite funny in places too!

At some point over the past few days, I also finished listening to "Cider With Rosie" by Laurie Lee. I've read it before (for one thing, parts of it were used as materials during my English GCSE) but it was only this past Christmas I actually got myself a copy on audio book (well, actually, someone brought it for me... I think it was my Mam). Anyway, it's Laurie Lee's autobiography, and it's really good. At least, I think so.



Intense Guy said...

I know I would have trouble blogging daily or even frequently if I wasn't inspired to do so by others.

I realize my blog has been picture heavy and not "Tori friendly". I've been wrestling with how to deal with that. I understand how it is to be challenged (I'm nearly deaf these days) and I also realize that its a fine line between being accommedating and being overly solicitous.

But if you have any suggestions I'm surely open to them. I've enjoyed your blogs, poems, and pictures a lot. Your blog is worth the daily trip to see.

theteacher said...

I know what you mean. It's not like I've done anything interesting as all I've done is WORK! I'm planning on a nice, long catch up blog this weekend though! Glad things your end are ticking over nicely.
BTW, blood test may also be to see whats happened now the tablets are out of your system??

AliceKay said...

I spend a lot of time at my computer (probably a lot more than I should) reading email, reading blogs, checking out a few web sites I go to regularly, searching for and downloading new music. And I also chat with a few close friends in IM's and go to a chat room on a regular basis. Fitting all of that into the time I have at home can be challenging. I post blogs when I can. Some days, that's just not possible. Those are the days where I'll just go grab a pic or graphic to post and call it good. I know it's not good for you, but sometimes that's all I have time for. I hope you understand when I do that. *hugs*

We have a stack of dvds to watch, too. I watched one plus part of one last night, while Terri watched them both.

KAYLEE said...

SORRY I dont blog when I am sick :(

Tori_Z said...

That's OK, the virtual walk thingy you're doing does really need pics. I do read the text you put with them, but sometimes don't really know what to post as a comment.

Glad you think my blog is worth the daily visit :)

Will keep an eye out for that catch up post.

Yes, you could be right about the blood tests.

I completely understand. I know you have other commitments (work, family, etc) and can understand that this sometimes makes it difficult to fit everything you'd like to in to a day. Same goes for other people, I'm sure :) *hugs*

I don't think even the most addictive of bloggers would post if they were sick. Don't worry, I understand that sometimes you're not well enough to even sit up for too long, let alone try and sort out a blog post *hugs*

LadyStyx said...

Im with iggy...I make this blog one of my daily stops. Usually I hit my friends' blogs a couple times to make sure I didnt miss anything (like today...I KNOW I was in earlier and there wasnt anything and now I see 3 entries...) By the time I read all the entries, the "educationals" (comics), go to my MySpace (both accounts) and deal with messages there and then get through my emails (3 accounts) sometimes I simply dont feel like writing. Then again, I didnt normally write a journal at all up until 2 years ago when I started that one other (which I really need to get finished up soon). Right now we just have the one computer and hubby's on his days off so I gotta play fair and not hog it all day...then we also have to make time to run errands n such. Once we get to a permanent housing, I'll be starting job hunting as well and Lord knows when I'll have time after that. *shrugz* Ah well...

Had to check the movie The Wild as I didnt remember it. Hmmm I know Ive seen it but for some reason I dont remember the story itself...not like Madagascar...that one I remember well... Time to rewatch it once we get it unpacked I guess.

Tori_Z said...

Well, I'm glad my blog is interesting enough to earn a couple of visits :)

Yeah, I know you've got a lot going on at the moment, so I'm not really surprised not to see many blog posts from you.

I never kept a "journal" as you call it as well as I keep up with my blog. The most I wrote in a journal was about once every two weeks.

I didn't even remember hearing of the existance of "The Wild" before, but my Mam mentioned it, and I told her I didn't have it, so she got me a copy for Christmas (or maybe she told Kelly too? I don't remember which one I had it from)