Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Welcome to April!

Happy April Fool's Day... And welcome to April!

Can you believe it's April already? It seems like only yesterday we were seeing in the new year! Well, most days it does. Other days time seems to drag by so slowly you wonder if the clock has stopped or something. LOL!

I was wrong about yesterday (Monday). It did stay dry. It's been dry today (Tuesday) too. The temp's not been too bad either. Well, until the sun starts setting, at which point it gets quite cold.

Found out the other day that Connie Talbot has a new version of her CD coming out. They've removed a couple of songs and replaced them with a couple of others. I think the songs were "Any Dream Will Do" and "Three Little Birds" (or something like that). It's due for release in a few weeks (May 19th, according to Play) so I pre-ordered it. With it being due for release with them on May 19th, I should have it a couple of days before that (depending on postal strikes, of course, lol!)

My phone is apparently ready to be picked up, but we can't go get it until Thursday. In theory it's talking again now. We'll check before we leave the store so they can sort it if it isn't for some reason. It should be talking fine now though.

Dad got the bathroom cabinets up yesterday, but couldn't do the curtain pole. He ended up needing to help Kelly sort something with his PC (which was playing up) so he ran out of time.

I've probably got more I could say, but I can't think of anything in particular I want to add to this post right now, so I'll let this do for today.



LadyStyx said...

*gigglez* I see you took and made sure to say what the pole was for tonight.

You're right. Time seems to be going so damn fast. Maybe it's because the both of us have alot going on in our lives lately? Feels like just last month I was packing for a move and just a couple weeks ago I was in the apartment (corporate housing). Still alot to do here but we're almost complete.

Tori_z said...

Yeah, didn't want too many people ending up with the image of me pole dancing. LOL!

Yes, that's probably it... Time always seems to move faster when you've got a lot you want/need to get done.

LadyStyx said...

heh heh heh! I hear ya...wouldnt wanna give people that image of me either ...it'd scare em off! ;)