Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A warm Wednesday afternoon

The weather's been lovely here today again. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the furkids are enjoying having the door open.

Haven't really done much today because I'm tired, and because I can't be bothered to do much. There's not much I "have to" get done, so I figured I'd just relax and enjoy listening to the birds outside.

Well, I did also get some dishes done, and I've been working on getting laundry caught back up (apparently it's not possible to keep up with laundry, even when there are only two people living in the house) but that's about it.

Started doing a weekly menu again now the cooker's up and running again. I meant to post this week's yesterday, but I forgot. So, for anyone who's interested, here it is:

Tuesday: Shepherds’ Pie
Wednesday: Chicken, boiled potatoes and carrots
Thursday: Lasagne and chips
Friday: Lamb steaklets, mashed potatoes and veg
Saturday: Noodles and meatballs
Sunday: Roast dinner (Kelly got a nice joint of beef when he went shopping on Tuesday, so it'll be a beef dinner)
Monday: Chicken pie, potatoes and veg

The lasagne and chips we're having Thursday (tomorrow) is some of the microwave stuff we need to finish using up, and the noodles and meatballs are because I'm cooking on Saturday and it's something simple that I can do completely by myself. Eventually I should be able to cook most things completely by myself again, but that's going to take time. So, for now, I'm just doing simple meals.

Can't think of anything else to say. So, I'll let this do for today.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)



LadyStyx said...

Ohhh. I *just* finished eating and ya made me all hungry (peckish?) again. *sigh*. Im gonna need to start reading your blog while Im eating just so that stops happening. MMM...noodles...flat noodles or spaghetti type noodles? Are we talking tomato sauce (or red sauce/gravy for the southerners reading), a brown gravy or au jus for those noodles?
The thought of lasagne...mmm...well I have raviolois I can eat tonight I guess. Hubby doesnt like alot of tomato sauce and hates any Italian dish I make short of spaghetti that has tomato sauce in it which means no homemade lasagne unless I want to eat it for 7 days straight!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

i agree with " ladystyx " with her new word " peckish " lol, as that what your menue's make me feel tori very " peckish ".

and yes it has been a lovely day hasnt it.

KAYLEE said...


LadyStyx said...

*gigglez* oh sure MsJade...laugh at me. Just because I American and not English. :P~~ *laffz*

Intense Guy said...

Mmm... Shepherd's Pie... nothing like a good cottage pie when its cold outside.

Tori_z said...

Yeah, good plan on the eating while reading the blog. lol

The meatballs are the cheating kind in a can with a sauce that's sort of a combination of a tomato sauce and a gravy, so I'm using the sauce from that.

Yes, it has.

I'm OK. You?

I enjoy shepherd's pie no matter the weather, lol!

You do know the difference between shepherd's pie and cottage pie, right?

Intense Guy said...

My understanding is, shepherds pie uses chopped lamb and cottage pie uses chopped beef (or anything other than lamb).

I like either of them :)

Tori_z said...

OK, so you do know then. LOL!

AliceKay said...

I was confused which pie was which. *shrugs*

(sorry, Tori....just trying to catch up on your posts)