Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Charity, chores and chickens

Today is our usual shopping day. Well, the day the bulk of the shopping is done anyway. The fresh fruit and veg we usually get on a Friday from the market, and we sometimes end up getting a couple of other bits we've forgotten then too. But, you get the idea. LOL!

Anyway... While he was going in to do the shopping, Kelly took the bags of stuff we didn't want in to the charity shop. The walk to town isn't far so he normally walks (even when it's raining) but with two big bags full of "stuff" (which weren't exactly light) he decided to take a taxi instead. Can't say I blame him. I'd have done the same. LOL! Apparently, the people from the charity shop were very pleased with all the stuff. Don't know how much of it they'll end up selling, but they were pleased at getting a tidy sized donation at any rate.

Meanwhile, I stayed home and got a few chores done around the house. I've still got some laundry to finish up, but for the most part everything housework related is all caught up. Of course, that's not going to be the case for long, is it? I mean, is it ever possible to keep housework completely up to date? In my experience, the answer to that is "NO!"

My Mam and Dad are coming for dinner tomorrow. Mam's making a chicken dinner. Kelly got the chicken today and Mam asked us if we'd stuff it and put it in the oven an hour before she's due to arrive. Actually, she originally just asked me to do it, but I told her there was no way I was sticking my hand in a chicken's arse. So, Kelly's stuffing the chicken instead. I've got no problems eating chicken, but I DO NOT like to handle it more than absolutely necessary when it's not cooked, and I DO NOT like the idea of sticking my hand inside a chicken then spooning stuffing in to it. I've never liked the idea of doing that, and I never will. If I have to be the one to do the chicken, I buy chicken pieces that are already cut away from the chicken and serve the stuffing seporately. If people don't like it they can stuff their own hands in the chicken. I have, however, agreed to make the stuffing... As long as I'm not the one putting it in the chicken... LOL!

OK, I think that's enough of my nonsense for one day. Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



KAYLEE said...

I dont eat chicken but, if I did I would definately not stuff the stuffing up its arse either :) TOO GROSS

how are you doing tori?

Intense Guy said...

I am reminded of the TV skit that featured someone with a chicken ala puppet singing and dancing on a piano... It might have been Saturday Night Live - but it was in terrible taste!

:) Hope you are doing well! Looking forward to see the dinosaurs!

LadyStyx said...

Oh gosh...another chicken post! LMAO!! *shakes head and backs away from the chicken part of the entry*

*nods* @ the charity being pleased at the donation. The second hand shop down the road was pleased with us too. At least 2 pick-up truck loads of stuff and then we turned around and purchased some stuff too. If I have my way, we'll be back this week to make some replacements on the furnature (I really liked a table set they had there....if it's not too big I'll replace my dinette set with it)

AliceKay said...

I'd rather have the stuffing out of the bird, too. I hope you have a nice dinner, Tori. Sounds like you will.

Tori_z said...

I'm doing OK. In some pain and wishing this appointment would hurry up and come through so I can get this op over with. But, otherwise, fine. You?

Didn't see that one and don't think I want to. LOL!

The Stegasaurus still needs the last few spikes because I haven't gotten around to sorting them yet. But, once that's done I'll get Kelly to sort the pic for you, :)

LOL @ you backing away from the chicken part of the post. Can't say I blame you. LOL!

Oh, if you took stuff in and bought stuff the shop is definately going to be loving you right about now.

It's not so much having the stuffing inside the chicken that I don't like, it's the idea of doing it myself. I have an issue with touching raw meat as it is. Especially when it's still resembling the shape it was when it was still an animal. But, if other people want to stick stuffing inside a chicken, cook it and serve it to me. That's fine. LOL!

KAYLEE said...

I am feeling awful :(