Sunday, May 18, 2008

Models, Nancys and other stuff

I've finished putting my Triceratops together. My Stegasaurus still needs some of its spiky bits put on it, but other than that it's done too. Will get Kelly to take a photo of the dinosaurs when the Stegasaurus has all its spiky bits.

My prediction for who would be voted off on "I'd Do Anything" was correct. Neeph was the one with the least votes, and - when faced with the choice between her or Rachel - Andrew Lloyd Webber didn't save her. It's a shame, but it can't be helped. At least Jody is still nice and safe. In fact, I don't think she's even been in the bottom two at all. So, next week is the "Nancy Semi-Final" and the four Nancys left are Jody, Jessie, Samantha and Rachel. Next week is also when they anounce which three boys will get the part of Oliver.

And, it turns out that next week is also when "Britain's Got Talent" finishes up the auditions and starts getting in to the actual compatition stage. So, with all that plus the final of "American Idol" it's going to be an interesting week of TV for me.

This time next week, Carl and Rachel's party will have happened and be over with (it's on Saturday May 24th). Mam is doing everything possible to make the party as enjoyable for them as possible, so I hope they enjoy it. Kelly and I wont be going. Nothing personal to them or anything. It's just that with us not being big fans of parties anyway and the fact we live a bit further away now, we decided it'd be best for everyone if we didn't go. Otherwise we'd have to arrange for someone else (like Wayne) to miss part of the party so we could go to it (we can't leave Kero alone, and we don't think it'd be fair to him to take him to a crowded party). Not to mention we'd have to either pay for a cab to bring us home and grab Wayne (from Mam's place to ours it costs a little over £10 for a cab during a weekday, can you imagine how much it'd cost to go from Mam's to ours, wait for Wayne, then take Wayne back to Mam's? AND on a Saturday night at that!) Or, we'd have to have either Mam and a co-driver or Dad not drinking anything (at least until we got taken home) so we could get home. So, we - Kelly, Mam and I - all agreed it would be easier if we didn't go. Besides, we're going to the actual wedding and the "evening do" for it, so it's not like we're not helping them celebrate.

I'm sure there were other things I was going to say, but I can't think what they were. So, I'm going to let this do for today. Enjoy whatever's left of your day, :)



Kaylee said...


AliceKay said...

Enjoy the tv shows next week. I'm waiting to see who will be our next American Idol. :\

Tori_z said...

Will get Kelly to sort one as soon as I can after I've finished the Stegasaurus, :)

So... Which David do you want to win?

KAYLEE said...

CAN I answer the question that you asked AK? I want david cook to win!

Tori_z said...

Yep, you're allowed to answer too, :)