Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The slug that wasn't a slug

I haven't done anything worth writing about today, so I thought I'd tell you about something funny - well, Kelly and I found it funny - that happened about a week ago.

Before I tell you, there are three things you need to know...

The first is that our kitchen sink is near the back door. In fact, when the back door opens it opens against the side of the sink so that you could stand at the sink and stick your head around the door and look out of it if you wanted to.

The second is that I'm not usually a girly type of person, but I act like a "proper little girl" over just one thing... Bugs. I can't stand bugs! Especially the icky slimy ones (like slugs). If they stay away from me, fine! But if they come anywhere near me... well, let's just say that's one of the few times I'm in a hurry to get anywhere... LOL!

The third is that I only ever have anything on my feet if it's either VERY (and I do mean VERY) cold, or I'm going out anywhere. The rest of the time I walk around in bare feet. Yes, even in the garden.

OK, so now you know those things, I can tell you what happened.


I pulled everything out of the sink to run fresh water to wash the dishes, then put some stuff back in to soak. I'd shut the back door because it was getting late, but - of course - no sooner had I shut the door than Kero wanted out. No problem... I just opened the door and went out with him.

When I came back in I turned and shut the door. It was then that "something slimy" touched my foot. My first thought was, "OMG! Slug!" And off I ran in to the front room where Kelly was.

Me: There's a "something" on the mat by the door!
Kelly: What kind of something?
Me: I think it's a slug! Go get rid of it!
Kelly: Inside or out?
Me: INSIDE! If it was out I'd just shut the door on it, wouldn't I?

So, Kelly gets up and goes out to the kitchen.

Within less than a minute he's back in laughing.

Me: What's so funny?
Kelly: It wasn't a slug
Me (wondering what it could have been then): What was it then?
Kelly (laughing harder): A wooden spoon with some mashed potato still on it. You must have knocked it out of the sink when you were sorting the dishes. If you'd bent down to check you'd have felt the handle and known that.
Me (slightly defensively): Yeah, that may be. But if I'd bent down to check and it wasn't a wooden spoon I'd have felt a slug! Better to send you to rescue me from a wooden spoon than for me to bend down and touch an icky, slimy slug!

At that point we were both laughing too much for the conversation to go on any more. LOL!

So, there you go. The story of the slug that wasn't a slug but was, in fact, a wooden spoon in need of washing.



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Jayde_Bramblerose said...

OMG tori what are you like, i can just imagine what you felt like as i dont like them iether, but it was good that you could both laugh at it.

theteacher said...

You should ALWAYS rescue the wooden spoon!!!

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Intense Guy said...

Well, in your defense Tori... even cold mashed potatoes are pretty icky!

Tori_z said...

Glad you all enjoyed having a laugh at my expense. LOL!

Thanks Iggy, :)