Sunday, May 04, 2008

TV related thoughts

Just a few of my thoughts on some of the shows I watch on TV...

I'd Do Anything:
Every week I've agreed with the two in the bottom two. I haven't always agreed with which of the two Andrew Lloyd Webber has saved, but I've agreed with the two of them being the ones who deserved the least votes. That is, until this week. What the heck was Sarah doing in the bottom two? Rachel... OK, I haven't got a problem with her being in the bottom two (although, I don't think she deserved to be the one who got the least votes) but it should have been Ashley with her. Ashley has never, in my opinion, been an option for the role of Nancy. She can sing, and she's a good actress, but she's not Nancy. It's Jody I vote for, but if it weren't for Jody it would have been Sarah. And, if it wasn't bad enough that Sarah was in the bottom two when she didn't deserve to be, Andrew Lloyd Webber made it worse by saving Rachel instead of Sarah. What was he thinking? Even the Olivers liked Sarah. Yeah, I know they're only kids (boys between the ages of about 8 and 13) but they're the ones who have to work with the Nancy who wins (well, three of them do). Besides, even without that, Sarah was good. Needless to say, I am NOT impressed at the results of this week's show.

American Idol:
Not too happy that Saisha (I think I spelled her name right) was in the bottom two. Still, at least it was Brooke and not her who left. Nope, I wasn't really surprised that Brooke was in the bottom two, nor that she was the one who left. Don't get me wrong, she isn't a bad singer, but... Well... She doesn't exactly stand out and shine, and you need to at this point in the competition. To be honest, none of them really shine. I think what kept the guys out of the bottom two was nothing to do with their singing. Don't get me wrong, they are good singers, but so are Brooke and Saisha. I'm not stupid. I've heard the comments about their looks from the judges, and heard the whistles and cheers from the audience... What kept the guys out of the bottom two this week was those people who've fallen for their looks. That's my opinion anyway. The talent is too close, if you know what I mean, so whoever has the biggest group of admirers is going to be the winner of American Idol this year.

Britain's Got Talent:
There are certainly a lot of dancing acts going through this year. I wont comment on them because it wouldn't be fair. What I do want to comment on though is the fact the judges don't seem to be on the same page - so to speak - when it comes to a lot of the acts that go through. I swear on more than one occasion one judge has let someone through just to spite another. Could make for some interesting "debates" later on in the series.



KAYLEE said...

That is a great post i want saisha kicked off :)

KAYLEE said...

And Tori I hope you and kelly are doing okay?

I will be back when I can sit up long enough to type.tomorrow is my surgery :(

LadyStyx said...

Syesha shouldnt have been in the bottom two this week, it should have been Jason Castro. I think you're right, it's going to be a battle of the fanbases.....actually it's pretty much that every year, who are we kidding. This is going to be an interesting week. Generally, there isnt 3 guys in the Top3 so Im fairly certain Syesha will make it another week. It may be Jason's week to go, he's got the weaker voice of the 3 guys left....unless either of the Davids really bomb out during this week's show.

Tori_z said...

Why is it Saisha you want out? Just curious.

Kelly and I are fine. Hope things go well with the surgery, *hugs*

*Nods* Couldn't have said it better myself.