Monday, June 02, 2008

Audio games, photos and more

I've FINALLY managed to get "Egg Hunt" and "Metris" working. Don't ask me how, because I haven't a clue. All I know is that I haven't tried for a week or so, then I tried again last night, and they worked first time. Been playing them on and off since. I'm not very good at either at the moment though. LOL!

Staying on the theme of computer related things...

I got an e-mail today from "Ringo" (where I store my photos for you all to look at, if you want). Apparently they're shutting down at the end of this month. It's no big deal to me though. I mean, I've got all the photos backed-up on disks, and some of them as actual photos. But, it does mean that any I didn't post on my blog (or one of the other pages of our site) will no longer be accessable to the public. I did consider looking elsewhere for a photo storage site and putting them all up on it. But, I have HUNDREDS of photos, so I said, "sod it" and decided that if I mention a photo and you guys want to see it, it'll be easier for me to just post it on my blog. It took me AGES to get all those photos on that site, and I could see them then. Now... I don't even want to think about how much work it would be and how long it would take! So, as of June 30th 2008, we don't have photo album sections. *Shrugs* I think most people never even looked in them anyway. LOL!


We've had some weird weather today. Mind you, it's been weird most of the past couple of weeks. It doesn't seem to be able to make up its mind whether to be sunny, rainy, or both at once. This, of course, means that if you go anywhere you need to be prepared for both types of weather, which is quite tricky when it's BOILING HOT one minute, and FREEZING COLD the next. Ah, yes, just another wonderful example of British Summertime. LOL! And, of course, when you get this kind of weather there can be only one result. That's right... Thunder storms. Not that I mind all that much. Personally, I quite enjoy curling up on the sofa, or my bed, and listening to the storms. Unfortunately, Kero disagrees, and I seem to be the only one who enjoys them. LOL! Although, if they're having any up in Norwich, I'm sure Carl is enjoying them too.

And - speaking of Carl - today (Monday) Carl went in to hospital and had the same op I'm waiting to have done. Carls situation is a bit different, but it's the same eye condition responsible. Anyway, I've been told that his op went well. And he should be able to come home tomorrow. I hope mine goes as smoothly, and I get to come home as quickly. But, in the meantime, I thought I'd post get well wishes for Carl on here. So... "Get well soon, Carl!" :)

And, I hope everyone else not well, or feeling down, is feeling better soon too. *hugs* :)



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

thanks for the info on " ringo " tori, and hope you dont mind but i have nipped into your photo.s and pinched some ,lol.

and good luck wishes to " carl "even though i have sent a card and phoned, but he will probably see my wishes on here.

KAYLEE said...

**wishes to carl***

I do hope your goes as well! when you recover from it will you still be able to blog?

Tori_z said...

No, I don't mind that you grabbed some photos. :)

Yes, I'll still be able to blog. I'm already relying on a speach programme/screen reader, so no worries there. I wont be able to get on to the blogs while I'm in hospital though. But, most I'll be in is a couple of weeks (and that's if I end up sick afterwards). All being well I'll only be offline for two or three days though.

How're you doing?

KAYLEE said...

I am doing great and please try not to get sick after your op :)

LadyStyx said...

Get well Carl!

Yahoo photos did the same thing a while back. Really cheesed me off as I was in the same boat as you (hundreds of pix there that took forever to get in just right). However, Yahoo was really cool about it as they offered us the opportunity to "migrate" the pix on our accounts to either Flikr or Photobucket. All we had to do is let the receiving account know it was ok for Yahoo to access the account and let Yahoo know which account to send the pix to. It was all done for us. You may want to check into that (or have Kelly check for you...) and see if it's an option you want to pursue.


AliceKay said...

Here's hoping Carl has a speedy recovery from his surgery.

Good to hear you figured out those games. You'll be mastering them in no time. :)

I've been thinking about trying out either Flickr or Photobucket. Haven't decided which and haven't taken the time to find out about them. (thanks for the links, Iggy and Styxie)

Tori_z said...

Will do my best. :)

The only option Ringo is offering is to download your pics from their site to your PC via a simple link. But, I don't need to do that. Oh, and they are offering you to buy a CD with all your photos on too. But, again, I don't need to do that.

I looked at PhotoBucket once but didn't get on with it (and that was when I could see what I was doing). The thing is, Jaws (my speach programme) doesn't work well with photos, so that makes it even more difficult. And, I really can't be bothered with the hastle of messing about with photos at the moment.

As for Kelly sorting them... Well... I mean this in the nicest of ways... Kelly's computer skills suck. If it doesn't involve a computer game he needs help. He's only just got the hang of his blog. Like I said, I mean it in the nicest of ways. But, even he has to admit it's true. So, having him help me do it wouldn't be all that easy on a site I'm not familiar with. At least if I know my way around the site then it's easy enough for me to talk him through things.

Thanks for the suggestions though. :)

Maybe at some point I may decide to try one of the other photo hosting sites? Or, maybe I may decide to add the rest of my photos to the Kodak Easy Share account I've got? (At the moment there's only a handful of pics on it... Ones I put on so I could access them to print them out via Kodak's web site). But, at the moment, I really can't be bothered.

I don't know about mastering Metris. I may have been fantastic at Tetris but at the moment I can't even figure Metris out. I only have a 14 day free trial, so if I can't figure it out when that's up I'm not paying the $15 registration fee. I know that's not much, but - as I said about the "Sarah And The Castle Of Witchcraft And Wizardry" game - I'm not paying for something I can't even figure out how to work.

I'm getting the hang of Egg Hunt though. My highest score is only 8 (I think out of 100) but at least I can figure out how to play it. LOL! And Egg Hunt (like the GMA Solitaire game I got a while back) is 100% free.