Friday, August 15, 2008

Books, movies and this & that (LBE & FD)

Note to Potter fans: You might want to go take a look at the latest post on Kelly's blog. It contains news about the next Harry Potter movie, which you will probably want to read.

On the subject of movies... I watched a couple yesterday.

One was "Cheaper By The Dozen" the other was "Junior." For those who don't know, "Cheaper By The Dozen" is about a couple who has 12 kids (aged between 22 and about 4 or 5 years old) and what happens when they try to reach for their other dreams while "trying" to keep all those kids in order. And "Junior" is that movie about when Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant. I've seen both movies loads of times, but they are two of the movies I could watch over, and over, and over again. Especially "Junior" which is my very favourite Arnie movie (closely followed by "Kindergarten Cop"). Why exactly I didn't already have a copy is beyond me. I assume I must have thought I had it so not got it. But we checked when I was offered a copy, and I didn't have it for some reason... I realised when putting away my recently aquired movies that I don't have "Kindergarten Cop" either... *Looks Shocked* Will have to fix that in the near future.


I haven't done as much reading as I'd have liked to have been doing. I've read a little more of that vet book, and listened to half of that other Rosamunde Pilcher book I had from my Nan, and my Mam is reading a Pongwiffy book to me. But I haven't finished a book since finishing "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" so don't have any book reviews for you this week. I've spent so much time watching movies and doing other stuff that I haven't done much reading.


Almost all of the books I had on order FINALLY arived this morning. So I now have a tidy sized stack of books to read. There are a few still to arrive; a couple of Christmasy books, a book of poetry, a recipe book and a couple of short stories. But the bulk of the books I had on order have arrived now.

I've abandoned the idea of having the books I haven't read yet beside my bed like I used to though. That idea just doesn't work too well with braille books. Braille books are a fair bit bigger than print books (the smaller ones are usually A4 sized in height, and most are slightly taller and wider). So I've decided it will be better to leave the books on their shelves and only have the one I'm reading beside my bed. Otherwise I'm going to have this big pile of books beside my bed and I wont be able to get to my bedside cupboard... Or even my bed! Besides, it keeps them safer, since it's not a good idea to have weight put on braille books, so I don't want to risk them getting stepped on by either myself or Kero.


I haven't done any more work on that story about "The Adventures Of Zararose" either. No real reason for this. I guess I just haven't felt like working on it lately. I figure I'll get to it soon though, I'm sure.

And, on the subject of writing...

I haven't been working on putting those poems together either. Again, no real reason why I haven't gotten to them. I guess I just haven't been in the right frame of mind to work on writing poetry (or stories) lately.


We had Mam and Dad over for dinner Wednesday. Mam made a vegetarian lasagne with roast potatoes and peas, which was really nice... Though I have to admit I prefer her ordinary lasagne. And she made Welsh cakes. They turned out pretty good, but she made the mixture a little dryer than she should have and cooked them a little longer than necessary. But considering how long it's been since she last made them I think she did a great job.

We had Wayne over for dinner too, because he came back from being away with the cadets on Wednesday and was due to be dropped off at the bus station near us around dinner time. So rather than him catching a bus home with his bags when Mam and Dad were here anyway we thought it made more sense to have him come to us and be included for dinner.

I felt kinda sorry for him though. By the time he got to us Mam and I were engrossed in alternating between sorting the food and reading Pongwiffy. And Dad and Kelly were watching an Anime DVD (I think it was a series... "Blood Trinity" I think). This left Wayne wandering from one room to the other not sure who to join in with. Kero didn't mind though, because he decided the best option was to go and take Kero out for a walk... Or was it Kero who walked him? I'm not too sure... They both seem to have enjoyed it though. LOL!


My knee seems to be healing nicely. It's still a little sore,, and apparently has a nasty looking bruise on it... Not to mention the cuts. But other than that it's fine. The swelling has almost completely gone down, and I can now use it normally without - as I put it to Kelly - sounding like I was raised by a group of sailors... If you know what I mean. LOL!

I've decided I'm going to get a fire guard to put around the fireplace since - believe it or not - banging my knee (or anything else) on the fire guard will do a lot less damage than banging it on the fireplace again would. The fireplace is VERY hard, and there are nails near the bottom of it where we've tacked the wire for the phone and internet hub so it doesn't get tripped over (those nails are what caused the actual cuts). Besides, I wouldn't want to be doing something like that when the fire is lit, because - with how close to the fire I ended up - it would have been much worse if the fire had been lit. So we're going to get a fire guard... Better safe than sorry, after all!


The weather hasn't been too good lately. I think the UK has missed out on having Summer this year. Every time we've thought it might have arrived the rain has come back. Mind you, I don't think it's been much better in most other places, has it? Bet it's nice in Africa though... *Wishing - for the umpteenth time - I could have gone on Safari with Carl and Rachel*

Rain has been the main type of weather. Rain, rain, and more rain! We've had the odd bit of sun, but not much of it. And we've had some awesome storms (mostly at night though... Which I'm sure Mam is pleased about). Not sure what the temperature has been, but that's not important really anyway.

OK, I think that covers everything. So... I'm going to go eat some shortbread and drink this cup of tea Kelly's just made me... And maybe I'll do some reading too...

Hope everyone who's not been doing too well is doing better now. *HUGS and get well wishes to all who need them*

Enjoy the rest of your day. :)



Intense Guy said...

I am glad to hear your knee is healing well. Sounds like the fireplace screen will be a good idea - wouldn't want you to get burned.

Its been more rainy than usual it seems here in the States too. I think we have our normal year-to-date amounts where I live and things are nice and green with the flowers doing well. Nice brilliant sunshine streaming in my window at the moment - I'll pack some up and send it to you.

LadyStyx said...

Popped into Kelly's blog and left a comment. I got that news earlier via the VH1 email I get daily. It really stinks they're pushing it back. The only good thing is the chance to be a summer blockbuster....assuming Will Smith doesnt throw an awesome movie out right about then like he usually does.

Glad the knee is doing better.

I'd share my weather with you but we seem to be in and out of storms yet again and by the sounds of it, you really dont need help in that department.

I take it Junior is better than Kindergarten Cop? If it is, I shall have to borrow it from the library sometime and check it out.

KAYLEE said...

glad the knee is better!

Tori_z said...

Thanks... Make sure you keep some sun for yourself though, OK? :)

Thanks.. I think you can keep your storms. I may enjoy them, but I'm happy with the amount of storms we're getting.

Yeah, it does suck... I was looking forward to going to see the movie between my birthday and Christmas (it was meant to be released about a week after my birthday). Now I have to wait until next year! :(

And, yes... I think Junior is better than Kindergarten Cop. If you haven't seen it yet you might want to do so. It's definately worth watching.

Thanks... I'm glad it's doing better too. :)

How are you doing? *hugs*

AliceKay said...

I'm with the others...glad to hear your knee is healing nicely.

Weatherwise, we've had rain almost every day for I don't know how many days. Even days when the sky is blue with only a few white puffy clouds, an occasional gray one blows in and it rains...sometimes pours...for about five minutes and then it's gone. That's why I've been able to see so many rainbows lately. It's sunny and warm out today, and the humidity level isn't too bad.

KAYLEE said...

i am good :)

Kati said...

Oooh! I'm sorry to hear about your knee, though I AM glad to hear that it's healing and you don't color the air blue any longer with your swearing. *wink*

As for the rest, what are welsh cakes??? Will you share the recipe??? (or, maybe you already have and I simply should go look on your recipe page for it. *grin*) I also need to go see what Kelly wrote about the next HP movie. Looking forward to it, after the last one was so fantastic.

Glad that you've gotten your books. I'm jealous, ya know.... I've got a list of books (movies, and music as well) a mile long, but I haven't had the $$ to order anything from it since coming back from vacation. *grin* I'm about ready to suck it up and order one or two items, just to give myself something new to read. Craving a vamp-romance right now in a major way, and the one I want isn't available in town. *wink*

Anyway, enjoy your new books!!!

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday, Tori, and that your knee bugs you less and less each day.

Tori_z said...

Thanks. :)

Glad to hear it. :)

Firstly... Thanks (about the knee).

Secondly... There is a basic Welsh cake recipe on my recipe page (do a search for "Welsh cakes" or look under "snacks") though the one my Mam uses is slightly different. I know she's used the one on there with good results though.

I hope you have the spare $$ to get some of those books on your list soon. :)

My list is quite long too (and also includes movies and music as well). And since I got bored a few weeks ago and went browsing on a couple of sites to see if there was anything I liked, it's grown a fair bit recently. Despite the fact I just got a load of stuff of it.

To tell you the truth, this is the first time in ages I've been able to get more than just one or two things and have been able to buy a pile of stuff from my list. And boy did it feel good. :)