Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DVDs, beasts and more (Warning: LBE & FD)

I've finally managed to finish reading "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" by Newt Scamander! It's only taken a little over a week, that's all... LOL! Well, I mentioned before about the interuptions every time I sat down to read it, didn't I? Anyway... For those who don't know, it's supposed to be a copy of Harry Potter's very own copy of the book (complete with comments added in the book by Harry, Ron and Hermione) and was done for the charity "Comic Relief" a few years back. It's a very interesting book with information on beasts from the Acromantula to the Yeti. It's an enjoyable read... Though I do advise that people with very active imaginations avoid reading about the Lethifold and other beasts the Ministry Of Magic has given an XXXXX (known wizard killer/Impossible to train or domesticate) rating to before going to bed.


I'm now working on reading the other book I started while I was away. A book of vet stories... I'll tell you more about it when I'm done reading it.

I got some "new" DVDs over the weekend. I put the new in quotation marks like that because though they're new to me they aren't exactly brand new. Still - apart from the odd case looking a bit battered - they're in great condition. And I got them for a very good price. So I'm happy with them (a lot of them were on my "stuff I want" list too).

I've watched a couple of them...

The first one I watched was "American Pie: The Wedding" which, for those who don't know, is the third "American Pie" movie (I don't have the other two, though I have seen them several times). I've seen it before, but I'm not sure if I mentioned it on my blog when I watched it, because I can't remember how long ago I watched it last. Anyway, it's about the wedding of a couple of high-school sweethearts. Well, if you can call them that. They've certainly been dating since they were still in school. They aren't exactly the sweet romantic types though. If you've ever seen any of the American Pie movies you'll know what I mean by that. Let's just say that the American Pie movies aren't the kind of movie you'd want to watch with kids in the room. And I can honestly say that - though we (my brothers, my hubby, my Dad... etc) enjoy the movies - they aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea. So if you're the kind of person who doesn't like to watch a movie that includes foul language and - as the voiceover person says before these kinds of movies sometimes - "scenes of a sexual nature" then this movie is definately not for you. If, however, you enjoy those types of movies and fancy a good comedy, then I would recomend this movie to you. You really do need to have seen the first two before you watch this one though. The American Pie movies are ones that really have to be watched in order.

Another movie I watched was "There's Something About Mary" which is another one I've seen before. It's the story of a guy who hires a detective to trace his high-school girlfriend who he's still in love with. But things don't go smoothly for him... Starting with the detective falling in love with her too and telling the guy all sorts of lies to stop him going after her. My opinion of this movie is the same as my opinion of the American Pie movies... Great movie, if you like these kinds of movies.

I also watched the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" movie, which is - for anyone who doesn't know - the story of Buffy finding out she's the next slayer. Really good movie... BUT... It would be better if the actress playing Buffy in the movie was the same actress who plays her in the TV series, since having a different Buffy just doesn't feel right. Still a good movie though.

I also finished up watching "David The Gnome" which is an animated childrens' TV series about a gnome called "David" and the adventures he has. I used to watch it when I was a kid and recently got it on DVD. I think it's a cute and funny series, and enjoyed watching it again.

*Hears Mam saying something about me being nothing but a big kid*

I've got loads more movies to watch (I brought about 30 DVDS) so you're probably going to get quite a few movie reviews over the next few weeks... Especially since I have some DVDs that were already on the shelves waiting to be watched. LOL!


I didn't really do much over the weekend. In fact - apart from finishing watching "David The Gnome" and trying to finish reading my book - I don't actually remember what I did on Saturday and Sunday. LOL!

Yesterday (Monday) was a fair bit busier. For one thing I had my hospital appointment (if you haven't done so and want to know how it went... Read yesterday's post). Then Mam, Dad and I went to Tescos to do some shopping. We went to the big Tescos, since we were near it for the hospital. Only problem is, I find when I do that I spend a lot more on shopping than I normally would. See, the bigger store sells some things that the smaller ones (like the one in town not far from us) don't, so we have a lot of "let's get that... Since we're here!" Next thing we know the "couple of things" we went in for has turned in to a whole trolley full of stuff. My poor fridge, freezers and cupboards aren't too happy with me for that. LOL!

We had a bit of an adventure while in Tescos. We needed to get upstairs in the store and we had a choice... A flight of stairs (not very easy for me, really... Not when I don't know the place), a lift (Mam didn't like the look of it) or this escilator (sp?) type thing that didn't have the stairs that pop out because it was designed so you can take trolleys and such up on it. We ended up going on that. Now, I'm not a big fan of escilators... Never have been. But I didn't really mind this one. I think it was the lack of stairs popping out under your feet. Mam on the other hand... She wasn't so keen on it. Dad and I found her reaction to it quite amusing actually. I told her so too... So she slapped me... Mind you, I did ask for it with my comment about how "that kind of escilator wasn't too bad... And the comedy act made it even more fun!" LOL!

Much less fun was the service at the cash register. The woman who served us was extremely rude and seemed to think staring at a blind person is more important than giving proper service to customers. When Mam asked for more bags she literally threw them at her (so obviously that I could hear her doing it) and a couple of times she nearly threw the items we were buying at Mam too. I appreciate that not everyone sees someone with a missing eye on a regular basis. I also appreciate that she was probably wanting to get stuff done quickly so she could make sure to get to go home on time. But - had I realised at the time she was staring - I would have had something to say about that. There's no need for it, and it's rude! Staring at anyone is rude, actually... I guess nobody took the time to teach her that lesson.


After I got home I basically did my post and went to bed. I had a few grapes before bed but was too tired for more due to being up since 5:30 am (this was gone 8:00 pm that I decided to go to bed). Besides, since my current sleeping pattern seems to involve me going to bed early, sleeping for about three hours or so (often less), getting up for a couple of hours (usually between 1 and 4 hours) then going back to bed and sleeping another 4 or 5 hours, I knew I'd be up in a few hours and more likely to be ready for something to eat. I was right! So when I got up Kelly cooked the pizzas I'd gotten us for dinner (mine was bacon and mushroom). I got us some pudding too, but neither of us fancied it after the pizza. They're frozen things anyway, so they're fine to stay in the freezer until we're ready for them.


Today (Tuesday) was when I watched those movies I mentioned at the start of this post. I have to admit that was the only thing I enjoyed about today, since it hasn't been the best of days for me.

A few hours after getting up I decided to watch a movie (having just finished off reading "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them"). No problems there. BUT... When I was bending down I was over to the left a little more than I thought. I went to put my hand on a coffee table that was further away than it would have been had I been over to the right as much as I needed to be, and - not having it there to steady myself in the possition I was in - I lost my balance and whacked the side of my knee cap hard on the bottom bit of the fireplace.

I couldn't even move my leg for a good five or ten minutes, and I think it was at least a good 20 minutes or so before I could get up and use my leg. When my Mam found out she was a bit worried I'd done more than just cut and bruised it (so was I to be honest) but - apart from the cuts and bruises (and the pain) - it's fine. Hurts like hell if I so much as slightly move it though. :(

Of course, today was one of those days when the doorbell never stops ringing, which meant I haven't been able to rest it as much as I should have done. But, what choice did I have? I mean, I couldn't exactly ignore the door, could I? Especially when the people the other side of it were the postman, our warden coming to check up on us and make sure the thingy for the red cords is working fine, and a man who works for the council come to fix the drainage pipe leading out of the bathroom. My Mam and her friend Kelly came too (for Mam to look at my knee) but Mam lets herself in.

When the council repairman came, Kelly was busy so not only did I have to answer the door to him, but I also had to be the one to keep a check on where Kero was and show him the broken pipe, etc. This meant staying stood up... By the time he left my knee was killing me! It'll probably be like this for a few days.

Mind you, at least I've only got to put up with a bit of a sore knee for a couple of days. Some people (I'm thinking of Marmite Toasty here) have to put up with it for longer... And I bet her pain's a lot worse than mine is too! So I should consider myself lucky really.


I got myself some microwaveable Chinese food when in Tescos yesterday. I thought it would be something quick and easy that I'd still enjoy. I didn't really enjoy it though. I had egg fried rice with sweet and sour chicken and the sweet and sour chicken was all peppers and such and no chicken (OK, there was chicken, but only about three little pieces compared to a couple of dozen tidy sized chunks of peppers). So I wasn't able to enjoy it. Never mind, I know not to get it again now at least.

What I did enjoy though was the Nesquik banana milkshake I've just had. Mmm!


I think that covers everything. Besides, I'm getting tired, and this post has taken me something like two hours to write.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



whimsical brainpan said...

30 DVDs!!!

Not a big fan of the "American Pie" movies but I loved "There's Something About Mary".

Funny, while I have watched the Buffy show I have never seen the Buffy movie.

Sadly there will always be morons that stare.

OUCH! I hope your knee is better.

LadyStyx said...

When I first moved to Texas (and even sometimes even now), I was the same way when I shopped. I know exactly why I tend to do this though and Im working on the issue. Last month, after having to restack the freezer and wrestle the freezer door shut *again*, I decided we'd not shop at all but for the necessities (bread, milk, eggs, yogurt, etc). Today was the first time in a month I had to get any of the extras.

Intense Guy said...

I hope your knee stops hurting really soon -

I don't even have a DVD player. LOL - well I do, but someone is borrowing it for the summer - which is ok, since I might have 2 DVDs and one is a user manual for a telescope that I don't own. :)

Tori_z said...

30 is just the amount I brought from the friend on the weekend. I've got a couple of hundred movies (mixed DVDs and videos) on the shelves in our living room. I've never really bothered to count them though. I only know how many I got on the weekend because we needed to figure it out to work out how much I owed her.

I think a lot of people have seen the Buffy TV series but not the movie.

Yes, I know there will always be people who stare. But it doesn't make it any less annoying.

My knee's still killing me... I'm sure it'll be better soon though. :)

My problem is that I don't tend to go shopping myself very often any more. For more than a year now it's been Mam or Kelly (or both) doing the shopping for me. So when I go I tend to get a lot of the things that I prefer certain brands of, which - in most cases - other people tend to get different brands of because either they're cheaper (nine times out of ten only by a few pennies) or they don't really care what brand is brought so they just grab whatever. Plus, like I said, when I'm going too is usually when we got to the bigger store where you can get some things you can't in the smaller stores.

So do I! LOL!

LOL! Well, having only two DVDs would make having a DVD player less important. But I've aquired quite a large collection, so having a DVD player is a bit more worthwhile for me. LOL!

Don't get me wrong though. I could cope fine without my movie collection. But I still like having it. I'd have more trouble managing without books. LOL! ;)

KAYLEE said...

OMGHOsE MOVIES AND dont worry about me ok?

KAYLEE said...

Omg love those

AliceKay said...

If your knee keeps bothering you, be sure to have it checked out by a doctor. Maybe you've chipped a bone or your kneecap or something. Or maybe you tore a ligment in your knee. Good luck with it. *hugs*

Tori_z said...

Cool. :)

And... I always worry about the well being of my friends. *hugs*

I'd already decided that if it isn't better within a week then I'll go see a doctor. Thanks for being concerned though. :)

It's feeling a bit better today though.