Friday, September 19, 2008

Morning musings (kinda R/WP)

It was one of those mornings where you know that Autumn has arrived. The kind where you can not only feel the icy fingers of the morning frost, but you can also smell it's crisp, dry scent. It mingles with the rich scent of the damp earth and the sweet fragrances of the flowers.

Most of the birds haven't gone south for the Winter yet. Some don't even bother, but it's too early for most to leave yet anyway. You don't need to be a bird expert to know this, because those still around are perched in nearby trees. You can hear them singing their melodeous tunes.

"Chirup, chirup, chirpety chirp!"

You'd grab your camera and try and take a photo of them... Maybe someone can identify them for you? But you don't want to move... You'd miss part of their song if you did. And it's so pretty... You don't want to miss any of it. Especially when you know that bird song will soon become scarce. The presence of frost already tells you that. Does it really matter what kinds of birds they are?

You decide it doesn't.

So, you stay stood there in the doorway with a warm, snuggly dressing gown wrapped around you and a steaming mug of tea cupped in your hands, while the dog sniffs and snuffles around not far from your feet.

*Sniff, sniff, snuffle, snuffle, sniffety sniff*

It's while you're nose and ears are being filled with these smells and sounds that your mind begins to wander. You knew it would if you stayed there long enough. You've tried to keep a tight rein on it recently because it has a tendancy to wander in to places you'd rather it didn't go. But this morning you have no control over it. It wants to be free... No! It "NEEDS" to be free!!

You think about the fact that at least most of the birds you are listening to now will soon be off to some warmer country until the Spring, and it makes you think about all the other animals that will soon be settling in to hybernate or doing whatever it is they do to prepare for the Winter.

This, of course, leads you to squirrels. How can you not think of squirrels? Squirrels are everywhere lately. Cute, fluffy, bushy tailed squirrels... Squirrels in the trees, squirrels on the blogs...

The word "blogs" leads you to thinking about your friends.

You think of all your friends who are going through so much... Wishing they could stop their suffering long enough to stand like you are and just enjoy the beauty of nature. It reminds you how lucky you are.

But not all your friends are sufferring...

And it's that thought that leads you to thinking of all your friends not suffering, and hoping it stays that way. You wonder if they have stood like this recently... Just enjoying nature, sipping hot tea and thinking. You hope they have. And those that haven't... You wonder if they know what they're missing.

It's at this point your mind begins to wander in to the dangerous territory you had been trying to keep it away from. You try to mentally shake yourself... But it's too late... And now you're thinking about things you promised yourself you'd try to forget. Things you don't want to think about.

You turn your back on the beautiful smells and sounds outside and head indoors in the hopes that doing so will stop you thinking. It doesn't, and your thoughts race around in your head like a runaway train.

Why do these kinds of thoughts have to spoil such a beautiful moment?



LadyStyx said...

Man, I HATE when that happens! I havent stopped to just be still and listen in a long time. I may just have carve time out of my day to do that at least once a week. Hubby will be going nights and Im sure sitting and listening to the crickets and feeling the soft breeze on my face would be enough to relax me so I could sleep decently for a change. Well...relaxing assuming the local skunk doesnt choose to wander around behind our fence again...p-u.

Tori_z said...

That was a lovely image... Until you mentioned the skunk! LOL!

KAYLEE said...

i have no idea!!!!!!! I am so upset right now :(

Punkn said...

It is good to be reminded to stop and smell the roses, if you will.... even if the "rose" has the name Blossom lol. Nice post.

Tori_z said...

I'm sorry to hear that! :( *Hugs*

Glad you thought so! This was actually my morning a few days ago. Well, the start of it anyway, LOL!

AliceKay said...

That was wonderfully written, Tori. *hugs*

(crickets drive me nuts at night so i think i'll send them south)

Tori_z said...

Thanks AK. :)