Monday, September 01, 2008

September is here... Now what? (LBE)

Time is slipping by so quickly. August has come and gone bringing us in to September before most of us are ready... Before you know it December will be here bringing with it the joys of the holiday season. But we'll go in to that more some other time. Let's enjoy September first... Before that month slips away from us too!

So, what can we expect in September? Not a whole lot happens in September as a general rule. I do have a few things that need to get done before the month is out though.

This coming Thursday is Kero's grooming session. For those who don't know, he goes every three months... March, June, September and December... It's not so much that his fur grows that quickly, it's just that being a white dog he needs to be given a proper bath regularly and we figure it makes sense to send him to the groomer to make sure he gets "tidied up" on a regular basis. We bath him from time to time at home (if he gets very dirty) but since Kero isn't exactly a fan of water (bit of a problem for a dog living in Wales, lol) that makes bathing him quite a chore. So we're more than happy to pay someone else to do most of his bathing. And she gives him a trim while she's at it, so his fur stays looking nice and doesn't get all long and scruffy looking.

He's got to go for his anual trip to the vet this month too... Not until the end of the month though. It's time for the check-up and booster. But we don't tell him that until we're there and he has nowhere to run (he likes the vet, but only if he only has to go as far as the waiting room... So getting him in the building is easy. Getting him in the examination room... Not so much! LOL!)

We still need to get a few things to sort the flat out. For example:

We need a shelving unit of some description to put the TV and stuff on in the spare room since right now the stuff is just on the floor in a corner. Not sure if it will be sorted out before September is out because there are some things we need more, but it will be done by the end of November since it has to be in order to sort that room out ready for my Grandma and Grandad (and, of course, little Jayde) coming for Christmas.

We still haven't gotten the fencing sorted between our front garden and next door's front garden. All neighbours are in agreement to it being done (though, of course, none of them are in any hurry to help pay) and we especially want it done because next door don't seem to know how to shut gates which means that Kero keeps getting out. It hasn't yet happened when I've been on my own with him - which would make chasing him impossible - but it has happened several times. So that needs to be done as soon as possible... And before any frost or snow that "might" (if I'm lucky) come shows up and hardens the ground too much to get the posts in.

Kelly and I need new drawers for our clothes to go in. The ones we had before wouldn't have survived the move, so we didn't bring them. We've got a few drawers, but not nearly enough, so I want to get some ASAP (before we break these ones with trying to fit everything in to them).

Then there's the sheds. We don't hold out much hope of getting to finish painting the outside of the sheds this side of Christmas due to the weather, but we'd like to get the inside of Kelly's sorted so his stuff can be put away properly. Mostly it's just extra shelving needed in there.

We need to get a table for the kitchen too. The big table we had before I gave to my parents because it would take up too much of the kitchen. I did get a folding table, but the only one I could get without slats is a bit too low to be used regularly. So we planned to get a breakfast bar, but the one I wanted is no longer available, and the closest thing to it (without paying at least three times the price) has a glass top... Not a good idea for me (or for kids when they come along). So we're getting a new little table instead. Should have that by the end of the week (as long as it's in stock still when I go on to order it in the morning).

There are two other things that need doing before Winter sets in too.

One is to get that guard for the fireplace. We're not sure how cold this place gets when the temperature drops very low and I want the guard before we need the gas fire. Espescially since our chances of needing it are increased by the fact my Grandma and Grandad will be here in the middle of Winter and I know my Grandma feels the cold terribly.

The other is a new tumble dryer. For one thing ours is old and dying a slow and painful death, so we're not sure how much longer it's going to hang in there. For another it's not a condenser dryer, which means everything gets hot and damp in the kitchen when it's on. It's not too much of a problem when the weather's not too cold and we have the back door open, but if we need the door closed then it becomes a problem. And, of course, you can't keep the back door open in the middle of Winter... Plus I'd be wasting my time putting the heating and/or gas fire on if we were just going to leave the door open and let the heat out.

We could do with a better cooker too, but there's no rush for that one. The cooker works fine, it's just it takes forever to cook anything and only has one shelf so having room to cook in it is difficult too. But if that's not sorted until early next year then it's no big deal. Most days there are just two of us to cook for anyway.

There are a couple of other little bits that we'd like to get, but there's no rush for them and they aren't important enough to deserve a mention right now. ;)

I'm hoping the bulk of these things at least get sorted before the end of September, so that by the end of October I should have posted those photos I promised you all of the place. Although, if it gets in to November and they still haven't been posted then you'll be waiting until the Christmas decorations go up at the start of December. LOL!



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

i bet kero will look so posh when he comes back from the groomers, and i dont blame you not telling him untill he gets there.

so you are going to be a little bit busy this month with one thing and the other.

and thats nice of you to think about your poor old grandma feeling the cold,lol, but thank you for that as yes i do feel the cold.

and are you getting the table from argos ??? or some where else.

grandma x

Kaylee said...

Love you no I am not well

LadyStyx said...

Looks like alot to do and so little time!

Intense Guy said...

Happy September Tori!!!

I bet Kero loves being all groomed and good smelling.

Tori_z said...

Well, I don't want to be the one responsible for you getting ill. :)

And, yes, from Argos. And it was still in stock and is coming Thursday morning.

Awww... I'm sorry, sweetie! Hope it's nothing serious this time and that you're feeling better soon. *hugs* Xx

No kidding!

LOL! Happy September to you too.

He doesn't like actually going to the groomer, but he does prance about showing off for a bit after he comes home (that's when we normally get his "after grooming" pics). Unfortunately the novelty wears off quickly and he's soon back in the dirt. :( LOL!

AliceKay said...

Sure sounds like you and Kelly have a lot of sorting to do. I hope most can be accomplished before the cold weather sets in.

Tori_z said...

Yup! We sure do! And I hope it's sorted before the cold weather sets in too... Though it probably wont get all that cold here (not by your standards). ;)