Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Someone's birthday and senseless babbling (LBE & FD)

If I could only post about one topic per day then I'd have no trouble deciding on today's topic. Why?

Because someone I know - and consider to be a great friend - has his birthday today. And who is that someone? Iggy, of course! :)

So... "Happy Birthday, Iggy!"... Hope you have a great birthday... Even if you're not doing anything to celebrate it. *HUGS* :)

And... Since I am, in fact, allowed to post about more than one topic in one day, and since the important part of my post is sorted... On to my nonsensical dribble and senseless babbling! ;)

Where to start? Ah! Now that is the question! I have so much rubbish floating about in my head that it's hard to know which piece to extract and write down first. Not to mention excluding those thoughts not quite formed or analysed enough to post as yet. So... Let me see... Ah! Yes!

If I don't come back online by the end of the month then it might be something to do with the fact I posted my previous post... Avenge my death! ;)


We're already four days in to November and Christmas is coming up fast. Normally by this time I've gotten at least half of my Christmas shopping done. But not this year. The extra trips in to hospital are slowing progress of everything else down. I've hardly scratched the surface of the Christmas shopping I want to get done. I'm going to have my work cut out for me when I come out of hospital! I'm sure Kelly would do it if I asked him to, but I like buying things for my family and friends. Besides, most of the people on the list I know a lot better than he does, so would have a better idea of what they'd like.

The "everything else" also applies to getting this place sorted out. I've still got loads of things I'd hoped to have done before Christmas. And now that the frosts have started there's no way the fencing around the front can be sorted before Christmas because the ground will be too hard to get the posts in. And we never did get a chance to finish sorting the garden out.

Styxie asked everyone what they wanted for Christmas the other day, but I didn't have an answer. I think though that - on reflection - I should have said that what I want for Christmas is for all the things I wanted done to be done, all the furniture that needs replacing to be replaced, and to be able to start 2009 with a fresh slate, so to speak. It's a pipe dream for definate, but Styxie did say pipe dreams were allowed. LOL!

And, speaking of blogs... I don't know if anyone noticed, but I figured out how to add urls to my list of blogs I follow. So all my favourite blogs are on the list now! Well, the ones that could be added... It said Ausgrl and AK's blogs couldn't be added... Something about not being able to find a feed...?

All The cakes and stuff from Halloween are finally eaten. I've still got stacks of the sweets though. Actually, I'm really proud of myself with the sweets because I'm normally terrible for scoffing sweets, and I've hardly touched them. And I didn't pig out on the cakes and such either... That's why they lasted all weekend. Every other time my Mam's done baking I've done nothing but pick at the stuff all day. But - despite how tasty it all was - I was really good this time and ate it in moderation. *Smiles proudly*

I'm not taking any of the sweets in to hospital with me tomorrow, because I know I'll be so bored there that all I'll want to do is pick at them. And Thursday - when I'm "nil by mouth" - will be the worst. It'll be bad enough wanting food without knowing there are treats in my bag I could be eating if I wasn't nil by mouth.

I can't wait to have this op over with... I hate hospitals! I've spent so much time in hospitals that I know how most things work better than half the nurses there. I just want this over and done with so I can come home and get on with my life... And my Christmas shopping... LOL!

In theory I'll be home Friday. It should be a case of in tomorrow (Wednesday) to have the op on Thursday, then home some time Friday. But, of course, it depends how well I am and all that rubbish. If it's up to me though then I'll be home in time for lunch on Friday. Actually, if it was up to me then I'd go in Thursday, have the op and come straight home... Which would mean I'd be fast asleep in my own bed within about two hours of having the op... LOL!

The only good thing is that my Mam brings all sorts of yummy home-made things in to me when I'm in hospital... She must remember how Gross some of the hospital food can be from her trips in to hospital... LOL! And she makes sure I have something nice to eat after my op. They've got it in to their heads that no patient is able to keep food or drink down after having an op. Whatever! I've always eaten and drank stuff within an hour of the op ending and been fine almost every time. Sure, a couple of times I've been a bit sick, but most of the time I'm fine. The trick is to take your time with the food... No matter how hungry you are... And take sips of water or juice between bites. It's worked for me with all the ops since I was old enough to make my own mind up. So bang goes their theory. ;)

And - on the subject of food - while I'm writing I'm eating a really tasty candied apple (the kind covered in chocolate rather than caramel). My Dad got it for me yesterday and my Mam brought it down with her just now.

Still on the subject of food...

I sent Kelly to do some shopping today to make sure that he and Kero have everything they'll need while I'm in hospital. My Mam and Dad would probably take Kelly to get anything he needs on the way home from visiting me, but it's much easier if they don't have to. Besides, today's shopping day anyway. So I had him get food and treats for Kero (yeah, like Kero really needs more treats... But... *Shrugs*) and - of course - food for himself. You know? The essentials... Bread, milk, juice/pop, stuff for meals... Etc, etc. So I know my "boys" are sorted until at least next week, by which time I "should" be home and able to stay with Kero while Kelly goes shopping.

OK... Moving on...

I've got a post scheduled for you to read tomorrow, but other than that one you'll have to wait until I get home and am feeling up to blogging. It's not so much that I haven't had the time to schedule more but that I wasn't sure what to search for. The last couple of times I had Autumn themed posts set up, but since most of the Winter stuff is Christmasy I wanted to wait until December to post it. Especially since so many of you follow the Gregorian calender's views on when seasons start and finish, so you're probably not ready to hear about Winter yet. ;)

The weather here is definately Wintery though. It's cold and frosty (not just in the mornings) and up on the mountains they've actually had some snow. None of it has gotten down here though - unfortunately - but the way things are going some of it might make it down here before Winter's out. I sure hope it does! I LOVE snow!

Kero loves snow too, which is weird because - as a general rule - he hates getting wet. He hates baths, he hates rivers, he hates ponds, he hates rain... But yet he absolutely LOVES snow! How strange!

I actually feel kinda sorry for Kero at the moment. For one thing, where it's been so cold we've been keeping our doors closed, so Kero, Daisy and Mia haven't been able to see much of each other... Just quick sniffs and yaps on the odd ocasion they all get taken out for a pee at the same time. The other reason is to do with me keep going in to hospital all the time. Poor Kero just gets his Mami back and... Poof... I'm gone again! And when I come back I smell of a place he's never been to before and doesn't know what it is. It must be really confusing for him.

OK, well, I think that's enough out of me for today... I could write more, but I really do think I've written enough for today. ;)

Hope you and your family stay safe and well while I'm in hospital (well, and afterwards too).


P.S. We managed to get the fireguard replaced... It's now in place too. So, thanks Mam! :)


Intense Guy said...

Awww.. Thank you Tori!

I'm going to have to print this entry out and reading over lunch break!

LadyStyx said...

The reason you cant add Alice's is because hers is on "by invite only". You wont be able to add the private blogs. Not sure why it wouldnt add aussy's because it comes up fine in mine.

Im with iggy, Im gonna need to print this out and take it with me today while Im doing my running around ...I just figured I'd quick address that one question for ya.

ChicagoLady said...

Good luck with what will hopefully be your last surgery.

I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. Well, I take that back, I ordered one thing last night, that I'll need to ship to California to my aunt. Other than that, I've bought nothing. I really struggle buying anything before Thanksgiving.

As for winter, I think it depends on where you live as to how much you want "winter" to be here, regardless of which calendar you follow.

Nice birthday wishes to Iggy! He certainly deserves them.

Tori_z said...

You're very welcome. :)

Thanks... Will have a go and see if I can persuade it to let me add Ausgrl's blog to my list. I thought it was something to do with that with AK's blog.

Thanks. :)

Very true (about the Winter thing).

Intense Guy said...

I just finished reading this entry. :)

I hope your surgery goes smoothly and that this is the last one. Hope you heal quickly and feel great soonest!

Tori_z said...

Done already? That was quick! LOL! ;)

Seriously though... Thanks. *Hugs* :)

Tori_z said...

I tried, and tried, and tried again, but it still insists it can't find a feed for Ausgrl's blog. I even tried going on your blog and grabbing the link from your list to see if it was just funny about where it got the link.

I tried from your list.
I tried copying and pasting from the address bar.
I tried just writing it in.

But every time it came back with the same message...

"Could not be added because no feed could be found." (or, it might have said "detected"... Same thing though).

*Shrugs helplessly*

Jess said...

Don't know what's going on there. You seem to have a lot on your mind at the moment Tori!
I sometimes think of my brain as a hundred buzzing flies. If you sweep a piece of glass at them (symbolizing a blog post or pice of paper) the hundred flies are all bound to be splatted down on paper eventually. Although, as you can imagine, much like real life, there will always be some flies that escape. And then they multiply, and the whole thing begins again!

AliceKay said...

Ausgrl's blog has that message about it might have adult content so maybe the thing you have to click on that you understand and wish to continue is keeping you from adding hers to your list. As for mine being private, I had my reasons for making it private last year, and then only invited my closest friends "in". One day, I hope to remove the privacy option, but for now, it stays on. I'm sorry. I hope you (and your other readers out there) will understand.

Good luck with your surgery. Hope all goes well this time around. *hugs*

KAYLEE said...

good luck tori im sending you a nice email to read when you get home!

Tori_z said...

Interesting way of looking at it. Makes sense too. :)

A lot going on is an understatement....

No worries... Really! It's your blog so if you want it private then that's up to you, isn't it? And, of course I understand that you had your reasons. I was just wondering if it was that stopping me from putting you in my list of blogs I follow... That's all. :)

And I think you might be right about why I can't add Ausgrl's blog.

And... Thanks. *hugs*

Thanks. :)

The Wife O Riley said...


I have to admit that I haven't been reading you very long so I'm not sure what your surgery is for. I do wish you a speedy recovery and I send you all the love and prayers from across the pond. I promise when you come back I will be caught up to speed on everything.

Tori_z said...

Thanks! *hugs* :)

If you want to get caught up properly you'll first need to read the post called "accepting the inevitable" that I posted near the end of September. Then you can skip to May this year if you want, because not much happened between September and May (not to do with my eye issue anyway). After May though you need to keep a close check on post content if you want to be properly caught up. Oh, and don't eat while you're reading the medical posts. At least, not unless you've got a really strong stomache. I got a bit graphic sometimes. ;)