Monday, May 25, 2009

May celebrations

I'm behind on May birthday and anniversary shout outs, so I just thought I would do a blog post to say, "happy birthday," and "happy anniversary," to people (and animals) who had something to celebrate this month. So, here are the special dates for May:

1st May - Emma's birthday (Emma is a family friend)
2nd May - Kelly's birthday
9th May - Elizabeth's birthday (Elizabeth is my honorarily adopted sister)
12th May - Pam's birthday (Pam is a friend of mine)
15th May - Mam and Dad's anniversary
16th May - Felix AKA Baby Cat's birthday (Baby is Mam's cat)
16th May - Rachel's birthday (Rachel is my Sister-In-Law)
17th May - Eleri's birthday (that's Eleri from upstairs)
18th May - Lainie's birthday (Lainie is a Blogger friend that many of you know too)
20th May - Deanna's birthday (Deanna/Punkn is another bloggy friend many of you know)
21st May - Keith's birthday (Keith is Kelly's uncle)
22nd May - Mine and Kelly's anniversary
23rd May - Kero's birthday
25th May - Sir Ian Mckellen's birthday (you know who he is, right?)
30th May - Bev's birthday (she's my aunt)
30th May - Phillip's birthday (he's my uncle)

Also, Melissa had a birthday some time around mid May... I think it was around the 16th? So, happy birthday to her too. And, either May 16th or May 17th (I don't remember which) was Jewelz's son Austin's birthday, so happy birthday to him too. :)

And, a very happy birthday to any other May babies I missed out. :)



Celticspirit said...

Happy birthday wishes to all your family and friends! You sure do have a lot of birthdays that month. :) Hope you are doing well.

LadyStyx said...

Happy birthday...Happy Anniversary ... whatever situation you have y'all!

Intense Guy said...

Happy Happy to all!


AliceKay said...

Happy, Happy is right. *hugs*