Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 2009 craft update: A horse, a dinosaur and some ducks (LBE)

OK, it's time for June's craft update. :)

So, what have I done this past month? Well...

First I knitted a little horse. The horse was requested for a baby who is due in August. I can't tell you who it is that's having the baby though, because I'm not allowed to mention it on my blog, sorry. Anyway, I wasn't sure what the baby was going to be at the time, so I wanted to make something that would be acceptable to both a little girl or a little boy. It was agreed that a horse would work for that, so a horse is what I made. Actually, it was Shireen who decided on a horse, since she was here when we were trying to decide, and she's horse crazy at the moment. But we figured a horse would work, so I decided to take her suggestion.

Here's a photo of the horse, which was taken before it went to its new home ready for when the baby comes.

I'm not sure what the baby will think of it, but the mother seemed really pleased with it. :)

I also made a knitted dinosaur. The dinosaur was for little Lucas (mentioned in last Thursday's post). He seems pretty pleased with it. That is, if him using it to demonstrate what dinosaurs do (stomp about and roar) is anything to go by. I'd say that's a good sign. ;)

Here's the dinosaur...

Bye Mr Dinosaur... Enjoy your new home...

I also started work on two other items. One of them is the blanket I'm making my Grandma. She knows about it (or I wouldn't be mentioning it on my blog) but she isn't going to get to see it until Christmas. This means that I wont be posting a photo of it when it's finished. I will instead be tkeeping the photo to post in the craft update I'll be doing at the end of December. That way my Grandma will already have the blanket by the time its photo is shown on my blog.

The other thing I've started knitting is a scarf for the hat, scarf and gloves set I'm making for my Mam. I'm quite pleased with myself so far with the scarf, because I appear to have mastered purl stitches, and this means I'm able to make a pattern in the scarf. I've never managed to do anything other than plain knitting before, so I'm quite pleased with myself for managing to do purl stitches. I've only tried stocking stitch so far, and haven't tried any of the more complicated ways of creating patterns in knitted items, but now that I can do the purl stitches it's only a matter of time before I can do the other types of stitches (for example, moss stitch). :)

I'm not sure whether or not to post a photo of the items I'm making my Mam. She does know about them, but I don't really want her to see them. The thing is though, she doesn't visit my blog much, so even if I posted them she might not see them. But then again, she might choose to visit just as I post them. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I might leave posting a photo of the scarf (and the rest of the set) until December's post too. But, don't worry, even if I do there will be plenty of other things that I do post photos of as I do them. :)


You may remember me hinting last week about another craft that I would be mentioning in this month's craft update? It's actually one I mentioned wanting to do in the first place... It was one of the things I mentioned when I said - I think back in February - about finding crafts to keep my hands busy. Do you remember what it was?

Don't worry if you don't, because I'm going to tell you.

The answer is...

Making things out of clay. I suppose technically "pottery" though I've not made any pots. ;)

What I have made though is ducks. Yes, ducks.

I'm not entirely certain why I decided to make ducks my first clay project. I just sat down with the clay after Kelly brought it home for me, and I ended up making ducks.

They're only little ducks (one a bit smaller than the other). But I think they're nice ducks.

What do you think?

I wasn't sure at first what to do with these ducks, but I found out on the weekend that a certain person is a bit of a duck fan, so I'll be giving them to that person. I don't want to say who it is though, because that person often reads my blog. I'm planning on having Kelly help me paint them before they swim off to their new home though. :)

Also, I'm currenttly in the process of making a dragon themed candle holder, which will be a Christmas present for my Dad. I know it's safe to say so on my blog, because he only ever comes to read it if Mam points something out to him, and I know Mam wouldn't tell him about something like that. Besides, even if he does see it mentioned, he'll put it to the back of his mind and forget, then remember again when he opens it that he read about it, so he'd still not actually know what he's getting until he's opened it. LOL!

OK, that's it for this month's craft update.



LadyStyx said...

Great job! Those ducks are darling.

Intense Guy said...

*laughs at the dinosaur!*

Hey you! Come back here!!

You could do a whole line of animals and call 'em Tori's Zoo or the Animals of Tori's World. :)

The little quackers look neat! I can't wait to see them painted!

MarmiteToasty said...

wow Tori, you truely do have a craft talent, you ought to make things and sell them on ebay or etsy or folksie.... the little ducks are just gorgeous....

lmfao at the dinasaur along with Iggy LOL


Tori_z said...

Thanks. :)

LOL! :)

Yeah, I could do that. We'll see.

Everything I'm working on at the moment is going to be a Christmas present for someone, and for now I want to concentrate on making the things I want to give people for Christmas. Perhaps, when all of those are done, I might see about selling some stuff though. We'll see.

Celticspirit said...

You never cease to amaze me! You are very ambitious with all your craftn'. Every thing looks adorable and I can't wait to see the other stuff you are making. are attempting to make gloves. I hope you have better luck with it that I did in the past, it's hard making all those fingers. But if anyone can do it you can! I've successfully made lots of mittens but never gloves. The ducks are adorable. Do you use self hardening clay or do you have to bake it?

Tori_z said...

Firstly, thanks. :)

Secondly, yes, I'm attempting to make gloves. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to trying, but I have a braille pattern that seems simple enough to follow, so I'm hopeful. :)

As for the clay... It's self hardening. Takes it a while to harden, but it gets there in the end. I prefer to use that kind, because I don't feel entirely comfortable with the idea of baking the clay in the oven we use for cooking in, and I could never afford a proper kiln (sp?). So, self hardening it is. :)

Deanna said...

If Lucas was doing his dino thing, then that dino was a HUGE success! Great job on the horse and dino both.

And those ducks are precious. You, my dear, are very talented.

Tori_z said...

Thanks Deanna. *Blushes*

AliceKay said...

You did a fine job, Tori. I'm sure all of your gifts will be treasured because they are gifts from the well as a gift from your own hands. :)

Tori_z said...

Thanks AK. :)